Proud to be an American?

You know that things are pretty screwy nowadays.  We have numerous ‘issues’ that our country is dealing with, and most of which weren’t caused recently.  American history hasn’t been taught in schools for several years now — and probably won’t be anytime soon.

So why would it be a surprise that young Americans think that the U.S. is a mess?  And that they’re not proud of our country?  Just read the article The Star-spangled Banner of Yesterday and ask yourself why those people were proud of America?  You might ask, how did we get to our current state?  In a word, propaganda …  and lots of it!!

Check out what our younger generation thinks of America.  Another good question from the interviewer would be, where do you get your information from?  CNN?  NBC?  CBS?  Probably.

Are College Students Proud To Be American?

Isn’t that special?!  Where do we go from here.!!?



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