Give America The Same Deal Iran Gets

Under the President's nuclear deal, the United States agreed to give the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism a billion-dollar oil boom. The United States will allow Iran to export its crude oil, but ironically, it still bans exports of our crude oil. The administration has the power to lift the American ban on crude oil exports, but the White House seems to be more worried about playing the Chamberlain and appeasing Iran than helping the United States economy.

The United States is the largest crude oil producer in the world. There is a world demand for this oil, but the White House will not allow exports, so the oil stays stagnant in the ground.

This ban is one factor that has led to 70,000 jobs being lost in the energy sector in America . Exporting U.S. crude oil will lower gas prices, create jobs, and increase our influence worldwide.

If the President won't act, Congress must. It is time to stop putting the interests of the mullahs and the haters of the United States above Americans citizens. Export American oil.

And that is just the way it is.


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