President Vetoes American Jobs and Energy Independence

Today, the president vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline. For the past six years Republicans have diligently worked to advance the Keystone Pipeline, which would create more than 40,000 American jobs, put our nation on the path towards energy independence, and inject billions of dollars into our economy. Instead of embracing this jobs project that the majority of Americans support, President Obama and Democrats have continuously hindered the process by imposing unnecessary burdens and political roadblocks.

“After Republicans won the Senate in November, this legislation finally passed Congress and was put on the President’s desk for him to sign. Instead, the President surrendered to his liberal base and environmental extremists and, today, he vetoed the bill. In doing so, he said no to creating thousands of American jobs, no to energy independence, and no to revitalizing our economy.

“Republicans are committed to creating American jobs and bolstering our nation’s energy security and we will not let the President’s political games set us back. The fight for the Keystone XL Pipeline is not over.”


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