Exposing Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Opponent of SBOE Ken Mercer - Action Required!

Walk with wise men and you will become wise, but the companion of fools will fare badly. - Proverbs 13:20

We are in a Cultural WAR make no mistake about that. At no time in our lives have our conservative values been so viciously attacked. Our Texas law provides for a State Board of Education to decide for classroom curriculum and textbook content. According to the Texas Education Agency, their mission is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students. Texas has the reputation as being the strong pillar for conservatives. Our Texas textbooks lead in sales so as our textbooks go so does our nation. Absolutely Obama would love to take our Texas school system and bend it for his own perverted, twisted agenda. The SBOE has held steady and prevailed over the liberal/Socialist agenda that the Texas Freedom Network would like our students to have.

Ken Mercer SBOE member for District 5 has been attacked unmercifully and is fighting to keep his position from his Socialist/Democrat opponent Rebecca Bell-Metereau. Mercer has worked hard for students and parents in the 1.5 million person District. During the 2007-2008 school year he stood with parents and teachers in Austin asking for phonetics to be taught in the classroom. Taxpayer paid lobbyists did not have the decency to listen to the parents and teachers and instead booed them and acted child like by sticking their tongues out. These rude lobbyists then had the audacity to say that Mercer behaved badly for quipping that they should be “spanked” for their behavior. The facts are that Mercer stood by the parents of his district and our conservative values.

Mercer is a project manager for USAA a financial giant serving approximately 7.7 million members throughout the world. The only agenda Mercer has is providing a fair education to all our Texas students focusing on our American exceptionalism. His mild manner is perfect for the hot bed that prevails in some of the SBOE meetings with the ever tempestuous Socialists/Democrats.

His opponent Rebecca Bell-Metereau is a professor of English and Film and directs the Media Studies Minor at Texas State University in San Marcos, in essence a Liberal Professor. Interesting enough is the fact that Bell-Metereau does not mention the book she authored ‘Hollywood-Androgyny’ describing in detail male and female cross dressing and impersonation. She should fit in perfectly with Obama’s Kevin Jennings Safe School Czar. We have more than enough Liberal Professors infiltrating our colleges and universities today. The results are graduates not knowing or understanding our American heritage. Bell-Metereau has been endorsed by the very liberal newspaper the San Antonio Express-News the same one that endorsed Bill White, need I say more. According to the Express-News, she has educated the teachers in our public school classrooms. How scary is that! Bell-Metereau is a former Fulbright scholar which is a government sponsored program that promotes multiculturalism diluting American exceptionalism. She also taught English and American studies in the Peace Corp. I do not condemn these programs but point to the Left leaning agendas they provide to the participants. Peace Corp volunteer Senator Chris Dodd is quoted as saying, “that a great nation should send its people abroad, not to extend its power, not to intimidate its enemies,” and of course the Peace Corp was instrumental in his role in the Senate. This is the kind of company Bell-Metereau keeps. She is pictured below with Organizing for America Lainey Melick who helped Obama get elected. Melick is challenging our very conservative Congressman Lamar Smith in District 21. These two women are supporters of Congressman Lloyd Doggett in District 25 another Socialist/Democrat working to ruin our Texas educational system. By aligning herself with these Socialists/Democrats what can we expect? Birds of a feather fly together my mother always said.

We are now face to face with the voting machine and not until the dust settles the morning of November 3rd will we know the results of our conservative vote. Keep Texas safe, Keep Texas RED, and vote conservative!






Tired of Media Bias: Texas Freedom Network vs. Texas State Board of Education

by Donna Garner

Let’s see whether it is the conservative SBOE members or TFN that is outside the mainstream thinking of average Texas parents who love and care about their children.

Why the Texas Textbook Wars Matter to Every American

By Kelly Shackelford Published March 11, 2010

More than that, because Texas is one of the largest consumers of textbooks in the nation, publishers use these curriculum standards for textbooks that are distributed in nearly every state in the union. Thus, what happens in Texas will impact the nation.
Probably for that reason, a liberal onslaught has been unleashed to try to influence these education standards. An unelected review panel, not the elected members of Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), attempted to push through a number of highly questionable changes to the standards – removing Independence Day, Neil Armstrong, Daniel Boone, and Christopher Columbus – from them. They even dumped Christmas and replaced it with Diwali. You can’t make this stuff up! After a huge outcry from citizens and strong leadership by conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education, each of these changes was reversed.

Peace Corps Hosts Senator Dodd, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 23, 2010 – The Peace Corps welcomed returned Peace Corps volunteer, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), to its headquarters in Washington, D.C., as part of the Loret Miller Ruppe Speaker Series.
“Senator Dodd has been a great friend to Peace Corps and I’m proud that his service overseas has helped shaped his legacy in Congress,” said Director Williams.
“As the Peace Corps approaches its 50th Anniversary, we celebrate one of the most radical ideas I know - that a great nation should send its people abroad, not to extend its power, not to intimidate its enemies, but to build, to dig, to teach, and to ask nothing in return,” said Dodd.

852 Texas School Districts May Lose $800 Million in Federal Education Funding

Insider Report: Washington, D.C. – “Texas school children deserve better than this. The Doggett amendment, which was supported by every member of the Texas Democratic delegation, will treat Texas differently than every other state in the union and deprive our schools of $830 million in federal education funding. Texas Democrats in the House of Representatives must take corrective action on this next week. If they don’t, they are authorizing an unelected bureaucrat in the Obama administration to spend Texas tax dollars on schools in other states like California & New York.”
During the House debate over the defense supplemental, Rep. Lloyd Doggett added language to limit Texas’s ability to access the $10 billion in education funds. The Doggett amendment requires the Texas Governor to certify that the state will maintain the FY11 proportion of education funding in the state budget for two subsequent fiscal years. No other state is required to make this certification for the three years total.


Bill and Sonja Harris endorse Ken Mercer for SBOE District 5



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Can you really say that being a member of an organization that "promotes multiculturalism diluting American exceptionalism" and not sound a tad racist?  I think our multi-cultural heritage here in America is what makes us great.  The best from around the world come here to learn because we are the best. 
The Peace Corps is leftist in that it helps other people in other countries AND the USA.  Helping people is bad?  I thought we were supposed to be a Christian nation? 
Hate her politics but saying these organizations are bad or evil is a bit to radical for me.

Racist is a very predictable word coming from a progressive. But a tad racist sounds like someone on the fence. You are right about our American heritage making us great. What is radical are the people coming to America to reap our generosity, talents and hospitality and then not wanting to assimilate but to change us. So are the Americans going abroad and coming back using education as a way to instill that Americans are bad, uneducated, unsophisticated and simple. My blog never mentions that these organizations, the Peace Corps or the Fullbright program, are bad or evil in fact I state, I do not condemn these programs but point to the Left leaning agendas they provide to the participants. And because we are a Christian nation, America is always ready to help people of other countries. What is sad is how any ‘good’ program can be distorted by the Left. Any program that promotes multiculturalism while diluting American exceptionalism is never a good thing.

Helping others is seldom a bad thing but providing a venue for others to belittle or change our American way of life is not something any American should condone much less accept. By the way RJ it would have been civil courtesy on your part to state your full name.

The Peace Corps is first and foremost an anti-terrorism program.  The primary goal of the Peace Corps is to put a volunteer in every village on the globe, so that kids will grow up and not think of America as "The Enemy" but rather picture America as that nice (if slightly weird) teacher they had in grade school.

Secondarily, the Peace Corps serves to build bridges abroad (language and/or cultural) which paves the way for American businesses to expand to key foreign markets with trained personnel who are friendly to American interests (see point #1).

Thirdly, the Peace Corps allows the US to build a strategic reserve of culturally literate individuals with rare linguistic and cultural skills.  When the US needs to respond to crises in Kosovo, East Timor, or Iran, ex-Peace Corps volunteers often play a key role.

There's really no leftist indoctrination involved.  They basically train you in language for a couple of weeks and then kick you out to your site for two years.  If they had their druthers, they wouldn't see you again until your Close of Service.

On the other hand, perhaps more leftist folks end up joining the Peace Corps, but I don't think that I've observed a liberal bias when I was a volunteer.  Honestly, this is just another example of anecdotal reasoning based on a couple individuals.  Poor rhetorical logic IMHO.  (Of course, we've come to expect that from the TX SBOE.)

In this environment, it's actually not a bad idea to put a pause on any loan repayments, and wait out the job market for another two years before having to come back and find employment (with 2 years of federal seniority and an inside track on federal jobs to boot).  Nothing Leftist about that calculus.

Hell, Bob Taft was a two term Republican governer of Ohio, and he was a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Using the same logic as above, I could claim that the Peace Corps displays a decidedly right wing bias based on an anecdotal example of one.

Thank you, anonymous, for showing these qualities in response to Sonja's over-heated and irrational rant.

No, Sonja, I won't tell you my name. Not after having seen the disgraceful piece of character assassination you tried to pull on Bell-Metereau.

I keep my house safe by locking the door against bad people, and I don't use my credit card on dodgy Internet sites. I really don't think my identity is safe in your hands.

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