I find it very hard to understand why there is so much emphasis on ‘coming together’. The truth is that the LEFT will never understand that we want God in our lives and see Christ as our Lord and Savior and that we love America. We basically want the best for our children without the help or interference of the ever growing government. The fact is we want a smaller government with fewer dictates and leadership that understands that we can not spend more than we take in. The LEFT on the other hand does not want us to turn to God, wants to be seen as our salvation and spends our money recklessly. The LEFT is ashamed that America is such a ‘bad’ nation and their perception of what is best for our children is NOT the same as ours.

Liberals find it hard to understand these very simple concepts so they confuse themselves with their own fantasy or ideology. Have you ever noticed how so many Liberals use conservative notions, axioms and some even quote bible verses, but only if these happen to fit or promote their distorted views?

Right now, this very minute, the Liberals are scheming to make sure we do not exercise our First Amendment, the Right of Conscience. The Catholic Church is still in the fight over the Health and Human Services Mandate which affects all Christians’ Freedom of Religion. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a Catholic, recently rejected Hobby Lobby’s request for Right of Conscience. The Obama Administration or Liberals will never stop until every Christian and Jew looks to the government for deliverance, after all that is their unspoken goal.

The 20 innocent murdered children in Newtown, CT were not even buried when Obama faked tears so that Americans would willingly want to surrender their Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, by pointing to ‘guns’ as the culprit of all evils. The present push for gun control is probably the strongest I have ever experienced.

Roe vs Wade in 1973 gave mothers the legal right to kill their unborn babies. How savage, even the animal kingdom protects their own. The LEFT will never comprehend that women do have a choice, adoption or abstinence or contraception. The unborn are at the mercy of their mothers if they choose to abort. Same sex marriage is on the rise and while some states have legalized this union it will never be moral. The LEFT and the RIGHT will never see eye to eye on certain issues, and that is the very truth. Personally, its time we all have an attitude adjustment and now is the best time, before we enter the New Year. We must be prepared to fight for our way of life as the LEFT is willing to fight for their godless beliefs. After all, we have nothing to lose but America and our souls.

2013 will be a year of battling to repeal ObamaCare and the HHS Mandate, and our right to Bear Arms. We can not give up without a fight. We know in our hearts and minds that whatever grievous political decisions are made in the next four years will be at the hands of the LEFT regardless of their inability to take any responsibility for their actions or non actions.

Justice Sotomayor Rejects Hobby Lobby’s Request for Mandate Relief The Christian-owned business now faces fines of up to $1.3 million per day after Jan. 1 if it refuses to provide abortion-inducing drugs in its company health-insurance plan.




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