The Ailing American Ideal

Sometimes what I see and think brings me to despair. I have to remind myself that God has a bigger plan. But living here and seeing its exceptional though brief history, I despair for the part that The United States has been. It troubles me deeply that it seems like states lack the courage or awareness that they need to quickly reassert their constitutional sovereignty in this republic or excuse themselves from it. This can’t begin too soon. Every year, hordes reach voting age who have only stewed in media and education culture. You immigration carnivores think the country is going to be transformed by immigrants. You fear that a flood of immigrants might turn Texas blue? I'm afraid I have bad news for you: It's our own kids who are conforming to the pop-culture consensus.

They mean well but they don't understand that the society and its flourishing are being weakened. Something is going down. We need to separate from the failure and provide new communication and education forums for growing youth. Consensus thought is no longer that of your parents and community. Consensus thought is the lop-sided thinking of the academy that we keep subjecting our children to, and also the pervasive media that is imagined to be the "big world out there," even though it is served up by a fraction of 1% of the population that has journals, microphones, cameras and transmission facilities.

And their everyday conversation is with like-experienced peers on social media. If something decisive is not done, this process will turn Texas and other states blue within 2 generations. These youth have no sense of how this constitutional republic became the most productive, prosperous, powerful and generous society in only 150 of the many thousands of years of human history. That happened because of the U.S. Constitution, and it is now routinely defied by our government and not taught to our youth for decades now.

They take for granted the technology and plenty that brought to not just America but the world, which has benefited from what America produced. Lights, phones, cars, radio, television, mass-production, mass-agriculture and computerization were all American innovations. America has now fallen off this point of progress, having abandoned and forgotten what produced it. Foreign medicine providers have wondered from where all the new technologies and techniques will come if America is to sink to being more like other societies; less productive and more corrupt.

Like the creditor carries a formerly productive and reliable customer, it is only our history that allows us to carry this unfathomable debt and reckless spending, and the loss of common moral sense and social structure that our founders said was necessary to preserve this new freedom and The Constitution. If we want the American ideal to survive, a remnant no matter how small, must extract itself from this downward swirling vortex of cultural foolishness. Otherwise it will soon be over. As all others in history, this last and greatest culture will fall. Get out or go with it. In the meantime, work for, support and vote for Ted Cruz. Constitutionally speaking, there is no substitute.


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