Christmas Drones

Ted Poe introduces legislation to protect your privacy from eyes in the sky

The Red Ryder BB gun is a ghost of Christmas past because, this year, Santa gave drones. Here a drone, there a drone, everywhere a drone. Just more eyes in the sky, and these eyes could be anywhere and on any person. How comforting is that?

It is estimated that by 2030, 30,000 drones will be over the skies of America. People are rightfully concerned that these eyes in the sky could be a threat to their constitutional right of privacy.

We are entering a world of unchartered drone technology. That is why I am reintroducing the Preserving American Privacy Act. This bill seeks to ensure the privacy of Americans. It establishes specific guidelines for about when and what purposes that law enforcement and private entities can use drones.

Technology may change, but the Constitution does not. The Christmas spy machines that have useful purposes also need constitutional rules to prevent unlawful surveillance by law enforcement or private organizations.


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