Congressman Roy Issues Statement on Rush Limbaugh's Passing

I issued the following statement on Wednesday upon learning of the passing of talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh: 

Rush Limbaugh’s radio show went national in August of 1988 — the month I turned 16 and began driving. I listened to him driving in the summers, all through college, and driving around America as a young adult and since on hundreds of stations across the country. I would turn the dial when a signal became weak and inevitably, I would find his voice on another station, loud and clear. It was a blanket of conservatism across the nation at the same time, every day, around the clock — as predictable as the sun coming up.

Rush was a voice for forgotten Americans long before the internet gave us a voice. His was a voice that helped shape our thinking; but more than that, it reminded us to stay the course. I am saddened that I will never hear that voice again.

He was, like all of us, imperfect; but he was unapologetic and unafraid to advance the cause of freedom and limited government. He stood strong when so many others turned tail and ran away from the fight. He leaves behind an army of freedom-loving Americans who are more-ready and better-prepared to defend this great Republic as a direct result of his life’s work.

You may now return your talent to God, loaned to you to share with us all these years. 



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