The Death of James Foley

Last night, ISIS militants released a video to the world showing the barbaric execution of American journalist James Foley. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. This gang of extremists shows no sign of slowing down their murderous rampage. The goal of ISIS is to grow their terrorist army and indiscriminately kill everyone else in sight. Negotiating with them is not an option. In just a few short months they have grown from a band of thugs to an army tens of thousands strong.

This is the most barbaric terrorist army this world has ever seen and their reign of terror will not end with the Middle East. This is a global campaign and ISIS is an immediate threat to our own national security (especially since it has been reported that hundreds of them are American passport holders). The goal of the United States should not be to contain ISIS, it should be to defeat ISIS. American air strikes have been effective so far but we must do more. Go after them with everything we have, continue air strikes, and arm the Kurds fighting against them on the ground.


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