Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Disrespects Soldiers at Houston Army National Guard & Abusive to Staff Lawsuit

Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is being sued by a former staffer who claims that Lee was abusive to her and showed no regard for her disability.

I could have told you that she doesn’t treat her staff well just from what I have seen with my own eyes. She also does not seem to care too much about soldiers based on how I saw her treat them in Houston last year.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Disrespects Soldiers at Houston Army National Guard event with Race Based Speech and showing up late. She was also abusive to her staff at this event by treating them like maids and butlers.

On Feb. 4th, 2012, there was a grand opening of an Army National Guard/Reserves super armory in north Houston.

Several officials were invited to a big ribbon cutting ceremony. Sheila Jackson Lee was also invited because this armory happens to be in her district. Sheila Jackson Lee was a keynote speaker for the event.

The trouble started when Lee was late to the ribbon cutting. The event could not start without her and the soldiers/officials just had to wait in a room, missing important training/work time, until Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee arrived nearly an hour late. She is a Congresswoman, so you might be thinking that maybe she had some important business to do. Wrong. The reason she was late is because they could not find the armory. Yes, the congresswoman had no idea where the new military super-armory was located in her district.

When Lee finally arrived at the armory, she was already late, but she still sat in her car for another several minutes texting /doing something on her phone while the soldiers and officials waited inside.

When Lee was finished on her phone, I was very surprised to see what happened next. Instead of opening the door of her car, she gave a horrible stare towards her staffer to get his attention and then looked down at the car door. This was your highness Lee’s way of telling her butler, I mean staffer, that he better come open the door for her right now because it is beneath the Congresswoman to open her own door. So much for all the talk from Democrats about how they connect with the regular person right? The staffer rushed over and opened the door and the Congresswoman finally got out of the car to go into the event.

Then there was her speech. It had little to do with the military. The most insulting part was that she kept talking about race and about how you “don’t judge the book by its color/cover.” The room was filled with all different races from black to white to Hispanic. The military is very diverse and does not have issues with segregation or even much discrimination. Soldiers in the military, especially in the armory she was speaking at, are of all different races and ranks and they work together very well and have for many decades. The soldiers of course kept their bearing and acted professional in front of the Congresswoman at the event, but her speech created a lot of talk and head scratching by the soldiers who were wondering who this person was and why she was lecturing the diverse group about race. It is funny to think back and recall her taking about not judging because Sheila Jackson Lee was certainly quick to judge when she declared Zimmerman guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin based on race, and she even claimed Zimmerman broke his own nose. So much for not judging and innocent until proven guilty…

After the speech, congresswoman Lee was supposed to go on a tour of the new facility. She didn’t. Sheila Jackson Lee said that she needed to go so they took a couple of pictures with her before she ran out the door, including a picture with her holding big scissors cutting the grand opening yellow ribbon. That picture is hanging on the armory wall as a constant reminder of the disconnect between Sheila Jackson Lee and men and women in the military. The hypocrisy is that Lee told the media that she took a tour of the facility, and that was what got reported, even though she did not even tour the facility.

So the moral of the story is that it is not just staff that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee abuses. She also does not care too much about the soldiers except to use them for a photo-op and news story.

Picture above of “Queen” Sheila Jackson Lee is from Patriot Statesman.



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