Hezbollah and Iran are Preparing for War on Israel

The terrorist group Hezbollah and their Iranian patrons are preparing for war against our Israeli allies. We know this because Israel discovered at least two tunnels crossing into their territory from Lebanon. These tunnels are not for smuggling or any other purpose. They are for the sole purpose of enabling terrorists to sneak into Israel for attacks. This is just more evidence that Hezbollah and Iran are committed to Israel's destruction. We, as Israel's strongest allies, must act to prevent this.

For more than two decades Hezbollah and Iran have been building an arsenal of weapons tailored specifically for eradicating the Jewish State. The attack tunnels recently unearthed are just the latest addition to this growing arsenal. But like many of Hezbollah's weapons, these tunnels are not to challenge Israel's military but to kill its civilians. Despite this fact, no Lebanese leaders have condemned these tunnels or called for their destruction. This is unacceptable.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a state is to live at peace with its neighbors. Lebanon, however, allows terrorists to stockpile weapons and build attack tunnels in order to wage war on its southern neighbor. If the war that Hezbollah and Iran want comes, it will be the Lebanese people who suffer. During the last war, only twelve years ago, over a thousand Lebanese civilians were killed in the crossfire. Today, with Hezbollah building attack tunnels and weapon stockpiles under homes and civilian structures, it is inevitable that this will happen again.

It is time that the international community and Lebanese government act. For too long they have bullied our friends in Israel while terrorists like Hezbollah prepare to commit mass murder. The warning signs are clear. These tunnels show that it is Hezbollah and Iran who are the aggressors.

All who stay silent now must accept that the blood will be on their hands when war erupts.

And that's just the way it is.


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