It Is About Sex, Sort Of

When this sexual harassment battle ends, we may have a Congress full of Mormons, and the Mormons will run Hollywood. Al Franken is the latest to get hit with sexual harassment, and in his case, he even had the event pictured. There is the daily Roy Moore story with new twist and turns with questions on whether a signed yearbook was forged or how many ladies will come forward. Moore was a dream candidate for Democrats who actually see a chance to capture the Alabama Senate race.

The problem with this for Democrats is that they helped elect a man President who is even worse than Roy Moore or for that matter, Al Franken. Clinton didn’t just have affairs, he used his authority as Governor and later President to engage in sexual harassment, assaults, and in the case of Juanita Broaddrick, rape.  The recent call for Democrats to disown Bill Clinton is not just hypocrisy, but simply, a part of an effort to be rid of the Clintons by throwing the Clintons under the bus.  During the late 1990s, reporter Nina Burleigh offered to give President Clinton oral sex, and other reporters defended both Clintons through the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton didn’t just act as the enable,r but she was the lead prosecutor against women who dared to reveal what her husband did to them as the Clinton’s operation had a “Bimbo eruption.”

Kevin Williamson noted,

“Yglesias may have been a callow youth in 1998 rather than the callow adult he is today, but that excuse doesn’t go very far outside of Vox’s little orbit. James Carville wasn’t a kid when he dismissed one of Bill Clinton’s accusers as what you get when you 'drag a $100 bill through a trailer park.' Paul Begala wasn’t a child when he defended Clinton and lambasted the man investigating him — not for adultery, but for perjury and obstruction of justice — as a sex-obsessed reincarnation of Roger Chillingsworth. Maureen Dowd wasn’t young when she lampooned Monica Lewinsky as 'a ditsy, predatory White House intern who might have lied under oath for a job at Revlon' and suggested that the affair was the result of psychological problems rooted in Lewinsky’s being 'too tubby to be in the high school "in" crowd.' The men who awarded her the Pulitzer Prize for that work were not middle-schoolers. The editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post weren’t little ’uns. Hillary Rodham Clinton was a grown woman when she took charge of destroying the women caught up in her husband’s “bimbo eruptions.” And Matthew Yglesias wasn’t a high-schooler in 2008 or 2016, either.”

Since 1999, Juanita Broaddrick has been telling her story and was never truly believed, and as Hillary Clinton moved toward her own presidential run, general indifference greeted her along with hostility from the media. The self-satisfied progressives who advertise themselves as the champions of women not only ignored Broaddrick, but they defended both Clintons no matter what. If the media was serious last year, they would have realized that while they're after Trump for his dalliances or mistreatment of women, they knew that Hillary Clinton’s husband was equally as guilty or that Hillary led the attack against the other women.

Back to Roy Moore: it is hard to see what is true and what is not, but a likely occurrence is that Roy Moore, when he was in his early thirties, liked to date high school chicks, something he hasn’t really denied, but he has denied sexually assaulting any women including a 14-year-old and another 16-year-old. (There may be evidence that the final lady who came forward may not be telling the truth.) This is not to say he is not guilty and one can argue that it is creepy that he liked teenage girls, but there is doubt that not all of women were telling the truth.

Powerlineblog Paul Mirengoff noted,

Moore’s camp has provided reason to believe that he did not sign Nelson’s yearbook. The lawyer for his campaign notes that Moore presided over Nelson’s divorce case in 1999. He says Moore’s clerk stamped the divorce papers with the judge’s signature and added her initials — 'DA.'

Those same initials appear by Moore’s name in the yearbook inscription Nelson and Allred adduced, even though Moore was not a DA at the time in question. In addition, the '7s' that appear in the date near the signature appear to be written differently from those that appear elsewhere in the inscription. The inference is that Nelson doctored the yearbook.

To test this theory, Moore’s camp has asked that the yearbook be produced so its handwriting expert can examine it. Among others things, an examination might reveal whether the ink used for the signature dates back to the period when Nelson was a teenager, as opposed to when she became a divorcee.

If Nelson did not doctor the yearbook, she should be eager to have it inspected in order to refute Moore’s claim, backed by evidence, that he did not sign the yearbook. In addition, production of the yearbook would clearly help the voters of Alabama get at the truth.

In the case of Al Franken, he was photographed groping a woman’s breast and a second woman has turned up. What is interesting is that while some on the left have demanded that Franken resign, since it is only being consistent if you have attacked Moore for similar charges. Slate's Mark Stern wrote, “There is no rational reason to doubt the truth of Tweeden’s accusations, no legitimate defense of Franken’s actions, and no ambiguity here at all: Franken should resign from the Senate immediately. Democrats should call for him to step down straightaway. This revelation is a test of the Democratic Party’s consistency, honesty, and decency. If Democrats wish to preserve whatever moral standing they have today, they must exhort Franken to leave the Senate, with no hesitation or reservations.” Others like tweeter Vivian Copeland attacked Franken’s accuser, reminding everyone that Leeann Tweeden once appeared in Playboy, and of course, women appearing in Playboy deserve to be sexually humiliated and tongued. Others defended Franken since he was the defender of women’s rights even though he may not have treated women with respect privately.

The Democrats have now begun a war that includes every sex act legal, or otherwise as fair game, while the ultimate target is Donald Trump, whose own sexual dalliances are front page news.

Kevin Williamson note,

“They’re throwing everything they have at Trump — the ridiculous emoluments stuff, the monkey business with the Russians — and Trump has done his part to help them out, but none of that is going to be enough to drive him from office. (You try explaining the emoluments clause to an actual American voter.) But there’s plenty of sexual material to use against Trump, who is dumb enough to have put many of his exploits in writing under his own name, available at a bookstore near you, and to have gone on record, sometimes accidentally, about others. If Senator Franken ends up being collateral damage in the war on Trump — well, Minnesota has plenty of Democrats waiting to take his place.”

Al Franken and Bill Clinton are collateral damage in the war on Trump, and with Clinton, you get the extra benefit of ending the Clinton’s place in the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party moves left. This is all part of the war on Trump.


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