Join Peaceful Rally at Capitol on May 24 in Support of Equal Parenting & TX HB 803: The Last Frontier of Equality

Why is the popular and vital Texas House Bill 803 being stalled? Why is the JJFI Committee ignoring the cries for Equality from kids and parents and legislators?

We will have a peaceful rally at the Texas Capitol in support of parental equality and the rights of kids to see both of their fit and loving parents. Media is welcome and encouraged so that the general public is aware of this important bill and the fight for equality and a better society.

When and Where: May 24, 2021 at 10AM at the South Side of Texas State Capitol

Why: Equal Parenting is important for kids who are hurting without equal access to both fit and loving parents. Equal Parenting is important for women to achieve true equality, and for fathers who frequently get cut out of the lives of children, and it is important for veterans who fought for their country only to come back from war and not get equal rights. With 22 bi-partisan co-authors and massive support from most Texans, it is hard to believe that the members of the Texas JJFI Committee stalled the bill and have not allowed it to go the House floor for a vote. There were 150 parents who came to the hearing last month in support of HB 803, and there was very little opposition to this bill which would create equality and greatly help kids and society, which studies show are greatly damaged with unequal parenting. Why are the people being ignored?

Was it stalled by the three attorneys on the JJFI committee at the behest of the attorney lobbyists who only want to keep a system that created conflict with parents fighting and hurting their kids as they go to court over and over and try to get more time than the other parent for no reason even though both parents are fit and good (equal parenting does not apply to unfit parents such as domestic abusers or parents who live to far from each other to be workable etc.)? Why would anyone stand against equality and an equal starting point for kids to see both of their parents when all studies show it is vital to their health and wellbeing? Equal Parenting would cut down on conflict in family courts and encourage fit parents to just get along and share their kid for the best interest of their kid. Equal Parenting helps low-income families that cannot afford expensive attorneys and get forced with less time with their kids, or spend all their money trying to beg a judge to give them equal time. Equal Parenting is important for fathers (and mothers) who don't get to be involved in the lives of their kids even though they are fit loving parents, simply because the current unequal family laws separate kids from one or the other parent for no other reason except wanting to hold onto an outdated unequal system of law and the standard possession order that needs to be changed.

For more information about equal parenting and this rally, go to or go to the event page on Facebook for this rally:

Equal Justice Task Force
David Bellow
409 656 5128 
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