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Free speech.  Do you have a right to speak your mind freely at work?  If you think that you do, you could be mistaken.  Well, hang on.  You're free to say what you want, you just aren't free from the consequences your speech may bring.  Case in point; Roseanne Barr.  She's been in the news recently because her show was cancelled over an alleged racist tweet.  Just for kicks, I looked up free speech in the work place on my old pal Google, and this is what I found.  From an article dated August 8, 2017, "There is no constitutional right to free speech in the workplace. "As a general rule, the First Amendment doesn't apply to the private workplace," said Daniel Schwartz, employment law partner at Shipman & Goodwin. ... But some forms of employee speech are protected by the nation's labor laws." 

Mass school shootings.  Definitely not a popular topic, but one that can't be swept under the rug.  As we know, the left loves to politicize these events, unfortunately, and the squeaky wheel usually gets the grease.  Here's an article I found that discusses the different responses from two Republican governors after shootings in their states; Governor Abbott here in Texas and Florida Governor Rick Scott.  Click the link here and read the article.
Sounds okay, right?  Well, the only problem is that this article didn't cover the parts about the gun storage law Governor Abbott is proposing.  NE Tarrant County Tea Party found some issues with the law and they've highlighted them on their website.  Click the link here to find out what exactly Governor Abbott plans to do. There's also contact information on the website to call Governor Abbott's office to share your opinion about the gun storage law.  Giddyup!

Last but not least, today the Supreme Court ruled in FAVOR of the Colorado baker who refused service to a same sex couple back in 2012.  The case came down to the way that the baker, Jack Phillips had been handled by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  The Supreme Court found that Phillips' rights had been violated and ruled 7-2 in his favor.  Read the entire article here.


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