Rep. Tony Gonzales, House Homeland Republicans Condemn Terrorist Attacks on Israel

Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23), a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, joined every Republican member on the committee in sending a letter to President Biden condemning the horrific terrorist attacks by Iran-backed Hamas against Israel and expressing deep concern over the Biden administration’s actions and inactions on Iran. 

In the letter, the members state,“As Republican members of the House Committee on Homeland Security, we write to strongly condemn the abhorrent terrorist attacks by Iran-backed Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization, against innocent Israeli citizens, including civilians, women, children, and the elderly…We remain committed to be a staunch partner and fully support Israel’s right to sovereignty and self-defense to protect its citizens against such heinous attacks. We mourn for all of the lives that have been lost, hope for a swift recovery for those wounded, and pray that all those who have been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists are safely and immediately returned to their families.”

The members continue, “We are also deeply concerned about the administration’s recent actions, including its wrongful and misguided decision on the anniversary of September 11, to release $6 billion in frozen funds as part of a prisoner exchange to the Iranian regime, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism … According to reports, the Iranian regime was involved in plotting and approved the attacks on Israel.  

“Further, it is concerning that the administration’s U.S. Office for Palestinian Affairs (Office), called on Israelis to “refrain” from a retaliatory response to Iran-backed Hamas’ terrorist attacks against their own citizens via its official Twitter account. This message was broadcasted out at a time when Iran-backed Hamas terrorists launched thousands of rockets and deployed dozens of terrorists into Israeli communities to murder and kidnap innocent citizens. Similarly, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken deleted a post from his official Twitter account, in which he “encouraged” Turkey to advocate “for a cease-fire”…These initial reactions from your administration are very concerning. Your administration’s foreign policy has resulted in a number of national security failures and demonstrated utter weakness on the world stage. We must affirm that Israel has every right to respond to these barbaric acts of terror.”

The members conclude, “We urge you to immediately re-examine your actions and inactions on Iran and its terrorist proxies and provide Israel with whatever assistance is needed to respond to these terrorists. While you say that your administration stands with the State of Israel, we certainly expect your actions will follow accordingly. We stand ready to do our part.”

The full text of the letter can be found here.


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