Sen. Cruz Calls Out Biden Administration For Funding Both Sides Of Russian-Iranian War On Ukraine

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today condemned the Biden administration for funding both sides of the Russian-Iranian war on Ukraine by giving aide to Ukraine while simultaneously allowing Tehran to rebuild its energy exports, restore its economy, and buy and sell weapons to the Russian Federation.

During the speech, Sen. Cruz said:

“I don’t doubt that many people in the Biden administration want Ukraine to win this war. But even more so, they want to enter another nuclear deal with Iran. Those two interests are in direct conflict. And although Democrats now ostentatiously wear their Ukrainian pins on their lapels, the administration repeatedly declined to provide the lethal weaponry to enable Ukraine to prevail in the war, and simultaneously has been funding both sides of the war, has been flooding billions of dollars into Iran that goes into drones that the Russians use to kill Ukrainians. This is madness. … When it comes to the war in Ukraine, the Biden administration, with the active complicity and energetic silence of the corporate media is vigorously funding both sides of the war. The American people are losing faith that the battle is worth their time and treasure. And as long as the Biden administration fuels both sides of it, the American people can be understood to doubt why it is in America’s interest. If you want to see Russia lose in Ukraine, if you want to see Putin lose in Ukraine, and I do, one of the most important steps we can take to do that is to stop – to eliminate – the Russia-Iran cooperation that is producing the drones that are murdering Ukrainian soldiers. We’ve got to stop Joe Biden from … supporting both sides of the war in Ukraine.”

Watch the speech here.

Sen. Cruz has sought to counter Russian and Iranian dominance and coordination during his time in the Senate:

  • Sen. Cruz led the fight against Russia’s dominance of European energy, and specifically Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He secured passage of the sanctions that stopped the pipeline during the Trump administration and a second bill expanding the sanctions. He led the battle to force the Biden administration to impose his sanctions halting the pipeline.
  • Sen. Cruz has repeatedly led the fight against the catastrophic Obama-Biden-Iran nuclear deal and Democrats’ soft policies on Iran. In his earliest days in office he secured passage into law of his bill to keep Iranian terrorists out of America. During the Trump administration he successfully pushed the administration to revoke civil-nuclear waivers stemming from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and to invoke UN snapback sanctions, restoring all international sanctions on Iran, and preventing the United Nations arms embargo on Iran from expiring. And he will continue to fight against any deal forged between Iran and the Biden administration.

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