Senator Cruz Visits Perryton, Texas

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) visited Perryton, Texas to be with the community in the aftermath of the tornado there. 

After visiting Perryton, helping clean up, speaking with Perryton residents, and participating in a brief with local and state officials, Ted Cruz said, “The city of Perryton and its people are resilient and strong. It’s during these times that we must all come together to help out our fellow Texans. Yesterday, we joined together as one to begin rebuilding this great West Texas city. Perryton represents the very best of us: courageous, powerful and unified. I am grateful to the leadership of all state and local officials and will continue working with them to ensure the Perryton community receives all the personnel and resources necessary to get back on their feet.”

View the press conference here.


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