Texas GOP = GOOD; Democrats = "Hail Satan, I Hope You're Raped, Kill Babies"

The last couple of weeks in Texas have really exposed Democrats for who they really are, an unruly mob who, when they do not get their way, decide to disrupt the legislature; they oppose the strong majority of Americans by wanting to allow late term abortions; they send their children out to protest with vulgar signs; they call for women pro-life legislators and even call for their daughters to be raped, and they even chant "Hail Satan" as pro-life Republicans sing Amazing Grace. Congratulations, the Democrat Party has become Occupy Wall Street 2.0. I hope all you conservative Democrats are watching and realize that the Democrat Party is not for you. They do not share your values. The Democrat Party that you once knew has left you and has embraced radical liberal ideology.

The Republican Party is the Party for you. We are the Party that your values align with. The Republican Party Platform is a set of values that we can believe in because these values have made America great! Sure, sometimes I do articles that criticize the Texas GOP for not abiding by our good platform, but that is not because I do not like the Texas GOP, it is because I DO like the Party and believe in the Party Platform values and I know that the best way to keep the Party strong is to help keep it from straying from our values.

Here is the shocking truth of what the pro-abortion Democrats and their mobs have done vver the past couple of weeks:

While Republicans in Texas seek to ban late term abortions after 20 weeks because the little babies can feel pain when they have their little arms and legs ripped off, the Texas Democrats, with leader Wendy Davis, are doing everything they can to allow late term abortions to continue. Democrat Wendy Davis made national headlines when she delayed these pro-life restrictions by filibustering the bill at the end of the 2013 Texas Special Session. The media tried to run with the story and make her out to be a heroine and make Texas look bad for trying to restrict late term abortions. This plan by the Democrats and the media backfired because, well, the fact is that the large majority of Americans are AGAINST late term abortions, several states already ban abortions after 20 weeks and most countries also have abortion bans after even just 10 weeks. Why? Because even Democrats in America do not believe that people should be able to have abortions after the first trimester when the baby is already very developed and can feel pain and has a heartbeat and little hands and little feet. So this plan by Wendy Davis and the media backfired. The people of Texas and even America do not stand with Wendy and they do not agree with the Democrats. The majority of Texans #Stand4Life. Wendy Davis had to get help from Obama to get tweets flowing from mostly other states to support her. Texas Senator Ted Cruz took a stand and pointed out that Wendy Davis does not speak for Texas. Conservative Konni Burton has stepped up to the plate to run against Davis in what will be a hotly contested race.

Knowing they were losing, the media and the Democrats tried to distract people by crying out sexism. Hey everyone, look, the Republican men are against women and women Democrats are standing up for women. The people did not buy into that distraction either. Why? Because the biggest proponents of this pro-life bill, and even the main authors of the bill, are WOMEN REPUBLICANS. These women put forth the bill as a way to protect what is best for both WOMEN and unborn WOMEN both mentally and physically. Kermit Gosnell-style abortion clinics are dangerous, unregulated, and unhealthy for women. Late term abortions are damaging to women who live with the regret of ripping apart a little baby who can feel pain, not to mention late term abortions are horrible for the baby who has to feel the pain and never gets a chance to live. And yes, although Wendy Davis and Joe Straus did not like it, Governor Rick Perry was right, you got a chance to live and overcome the odds, Wendy Davis, so why not let another little baby have a chance?

Speaking of trying to play the sexism card, one Texas Democrat legislator, Leticia Van De Putte, even made the outrageous statement on the Senate floor, "What does a woman legislator have to do to be heard over the men in the room?" This was outrageous because it assumes again that only men are for pro-life issues when many women legislators are for the pro-life bills; it was outrageous because the reason she was not heard was because of HER PARTY's mob in the room making noise. To top it all off, her statement was outrageous because it was her Party and her friend Wendy Davis who denied WOMEN Republican legislators the ability to speak on the Senate floor when the women wanted to give an opinion on the issue during her filibuster. Thankfully, many of these GOP women legislators, like Dr. Donna Campbell, got on the national news and, as a women, let America know that Wendy Davis does NOT represent the majority of women and pro life bills are not sexist and not just pushed by men but also by women.

The Democrat Party became an UNRULY MOB when they knew that they were not going to get their way. This mob did not like what the elected officials at the State Capitol in Austin, TX were voting on so they swarmed the Capitol and purposely disrupted the Legislature to keep them from being able to vote. They knew that that they could not win the majority of the hearts and minds of Texas voters who want to end late term abortions, so they decided to use Occupy Wall Street tactics to stop the vote. The chaos that ensued over the next several days included this unruly Democrat mob calling for women pro-life Legislators to be raped. Where was the mainstream media to protect these women Republicans who were being threatened with rape? Oh yeah, they are Republicans so who cares about protecting those women, right? They paraded their children through the streets with vulgar, profanity filled signs that had written on it things like "If I wanted government in my womb I would f*** a senator." Really? You have your kid hold that sign? The worst part of the kids holding signs is that these kids are holding signs that advocate for their parents being able to kill them, the kids.

And last but not least, when the unruly mob opposed a pro life-woman speaking at the State Capitol and when they opposed the pro-life people singing "Amazing Grace," the Democrat pro-abortion mob started chanting "Hail Satan." The video of this Democrat mob chanting "Hail Satan" made national media headlines because it was just so outrageous that it would be hard to believe without video. The official Church of Satan even came out and made a statement denouncing the Democrat mob chanting "Hail Satan." That is right, even the Satan worshipers think the Democrat pro-abortion mobs are too extreme for them.

So let me ask you again, do the Liberal Democrat actions and values represent who you are and what you believe? My guess is the answer is NO for most Americans. Take a look at the Republican Party. Our values and actions likely DO represent you better. We are for helping you find a job and support a family by helping create jobs and keeping taxes low. We are for supporting all humans whether black or white or old or unborn. We are for protecting America from the enemies who want to attack and kill us because they hate our freedom.

Join us TODAY July 8th, 2013 at 7p.m. for a PRO-LIFE RALLY at the Texas Capitol Building in Austin, TX. the lineup of speakers will be great from national pro-life groups and advocates like former Governor Mick Huckabee to local State Leaders like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.


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