Texas Prolife Prelates Fight Back

"Someone cannot call themselves a Catholic, yet reject the sanctity of life by active support of abortion.”
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo
Most Rev Gustavo Garcia-Siller
Most Rev Steven J Lopes
Most Rev Kevin Farrell
There are times when the only thing to do is to fight fire with fire.  The San Antonio Express-News ran a full page ad, ‘Statement in Response to Catholics for Choice’ by Texas Prolife Prelates, on page A7 in the Sunday paper, September 18, 2016.   Precisely the same page that the Catholics for Choice used on September 12 to spread their deceptive message that Catholics support abortion.

Abortion rates are at their lowest since 1973 and the abortion industry is fighting back.  The abortion promoters are targeting low-income women by advocating for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment.  See the highlights below for their reasoning.
I’m taking information from the Guttmacher Institute which was founded by Alan Frank Guttmacher. Guttmacher served as president of Planned Parenthood and was one of the many signers of the Humanist Manifesto II, which states in part that, “We believe, however, that traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place revelation, God, ritual, or creed above human needs and experience do a disservice to the human species.”  The Manifesto also states that “There is no credible evidence that life survives the death of the body.”  Obviously Guttmacher was a non-believer and could not imagine eternal life.  Knowing this then we might be able to understand that murdering innocent babies in the womb for those who do not believe in the sanctity of life is all in a day’s work. 
Naturally the Guttmacher Institute leans extremely towards the rights of women to have an abortion and I’m sure that even their numbers on abortion are kept low.  These ‘Highlights’ are taken straight from the Guttmacher Institute showing why the Hyde Amendment should be repealed.   The Hyde Amendment is the ‘new’ obstacle that Planned Parenthood will try to overcome to obtain taxpayer funding for abortion.  Hillary Clinton in her acceptance speech, promised to overturn the Hyde Amendment.
“We will continue to oppose—and seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment.”
Although the U.S. abortion rate has reached its lowest level since 1973, abortion is increasingly concentrated among low-income women. 
The Hyde Amendment, in effect since 1977, essentially bans federal dollars from being used for abortion coverage for women insured by Medicaid, the nation’s main public health insurance program for low-income Americans. 
Women who are low-income and lack insurance coverage for abortion often struggle to come up with the money to pay for the procedure. As a result, they often experience delays obtaining an abortion or are forced to carry their unintended pregnancy to term.
Supporters of abortion rights have coalesced behind several state- and national-level initiatives that aim to end the Hyde Amendment, so that the nation’s poorest women have greater access to safe and legal abortion care.
The Guttmacher Institute also breaks down the religious affiliation of women who seek abortion as:  24% were Catholic, 17% were mainline Protestant, and 13% were evangelical Protestant and 8% identified with some other religion. Thirty-eight percent of patients had no religious affiliation.
It is understandable that we must work hand in hand with the poor to help alleviate their plight.  It is also obviously clear that the pastors need to educate their flock from the pulpit. 
This full page ad is an excellent step forward in educating the people in San Antonio and elsewhere who might not know that abortion is not condoned by the Catholic Church.  The church adheres to the concept that life begins at conception to natural death.   As the ‘Statement in Response to Catholics for Choice campaign’ states: 
“Someone cannot call themselves a Catholic, yet reject the sanctity of life by active support of abortion.”
What about the rights of the unborn?  Who will be their voice?  IF you have never participated in the prolife movement I have listed some events that you might want to consider.  These are for San Antonio but please check with your city, community or your church to support the unborn. 
Humanist Manifesto II
Take a stand for life
September 28 to November 6, our community will take part in 40 Days for Life
October 2, 2016

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