Texas Rep. Farenthold to Bill Maher: I Don’t Work for Hollywood

HBO Comedian Bill Maher recently named Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold as a candidate for his “Flip a District” project along with other Members of Congress he may take interest in defeating in 2014, according to local reports.

Rep. Farenthold, the grandson of liberal icon Sissy Farenthold who was the first woman nominated to run for Vice President, was targeted by Maher as his “worst member in the nation,” according to the Houston Chronicle. Maher threatened that if Farenthold is eventually chosen, he will put his full support behind his opponent. Congressman Farenthold responded strongly to Maher in a statement submitted to Breitbart Texas.

“It's said that you can tell a lot about someone by who opposes them,” Farenthold said. “In the case of liberal pundit Bill Maher--a man who called America's actions cowardly in the wake of 9/11 and who mocked WWII veterans who wanted to visit the monument built in their honor--I wear his disapproval of me as a badge of honor.” Farenthold was recently in Houston to participate a field briefing conducted by the House Homeland Security Committee that was covered by Breitbart Texas. During the briefing, Rep. Farenthold expressed his deep concern about people who are the victims of human trafficking and human smuggling. During the discussion, Farenthold questioned the panelists about law enforcements prioritization of resources to help rescue victims and prosecute these criminals.

“I cannot think of a higher priority,” he told the government witnesses, “than going after criminals who force young children into slavery in the sex industry. “

“Human trafficking robs victims of their basic human rights,” Farenthold stated, “and it occurs right under our noses. Many efforts have been focused in other regions of the world, but this is a major problem here at home. I cannot ignore this reality and I encourage my all colleagues to join me in this fight to end modern day slavery in our own backyard.”

The Houston Chronicle reports, "’We will spend the year periodically looking at the district, meeting the entrenched incumbent, introducing his fresh-faced challenger, getting to know the people they want to serve, and generally doing our level best to flip that district,’ the Real Time with Bill Maher website says.”

Republican Party of Texas Chairman, Steve Munisteri, also weighed in stating, "I really don't think people in the local district will pay attention to a comic who's trying to make money."

As to Bill Maher’s threats to “flip” his district, Rep. Farenthold replied, “I serve and answer to the Texans I represent - not the Hollywood elite.”

Article and image originally posted on Breitbart.com.



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