Texas Speaker Joe Straus Says Abortion is NOT a Serious Issue

Why would anyone who is against the killing of innocent unborn babies ever consider voting for Joe Straus? Joe Straus is not pro life. He voted against pro life issues before he became Speaker and enjoyed support from Planned Parenthood. Now that he is the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, he does not vote on bills. He certainly has not publicly stood up for pro life issues as Speaker; and in the past as Speaker, he has called it only a "wedge issue."

The pro life legislation that passed in the 2011 Texas Legislative Session passed, not because of him, but in spite of him. Straus did not stand against it because he knew the pro life bills would pass anyway with a super-majority of Republicans in the Texas Legislature. He also did not stand for them though and given different circumstances, like fewer Republicans in the House, I believe Straus would stop playing to the super-majority and play both sides because he will need the Democrats in a split house.

If it was not already clear that abortion is not an important issue for Speaker Joe Straus, then you should take a look at his most recent quote about abortion:

In an article from the Houston Chronicle, Joe Straus brushed off the biggest pro-life bill of 2013 as maybe one of the thousands of bills to get filed. Straus then went on to completely label the pro life measure as not important by saying that he is only focused on "getting serious about serious issues" like infrastructure.

The genocide of millions of innocent unborn babies is not a serious issue, Joe Straus?

Texas Speaker Joe Straus Says Abortion is NOT a Serious Issue, according to a Houston Chronicle Article dated 12/12/2012.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Some GOP members plan to push for more stringent legislation involving abortion, including a ban on abortions for a fetus past 20 weeks.

Straus noted that thousands of bills get filed during every regular legislative session.

“It sounds like that may be one of them,” he said of the abortion measure. “The top of the agenda for me continues to be education resources and infrastructure – the things that will help Texas cope with the tremendous growth that we have seen in this state.”

Texas, he said, needs to “get serious about serious issues.”



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MY abortion decision is mine and mine alone. After relocating my family and business to this state five years ago, I'm headed back to the East Coast. I can not and will not raise my daughters in a patriarchy where male GOP politicians think they know better what is best for me or my daughters. Abortion is LEGAL. And my decision to have one is between me, my husband and my physician. NOT Rick Perry and NOT some good ole boy Texas politician. How DARE you try and shove wands inside me, enforce waiting periods and put up every roadblock you can. Does my husband need a "wand" or a waiting period to get Viagra? NO. Texas is the most misogynist state I've ever lived in. So me, my family, my business AND my money are leaving. And I hope more follow. My only regret is the women you are leaving to DIE without an adequate Women's Health Services program. Some of you better get Rick Perry off his religious soapbox before women begin dying and the bills pile up for all those unwanted babies your party hates supporting. Hypocrites. And yes I'm mad. I have come to loathe everything this state has done to women since I moved here. ESPECIALLY Rick Perry.

"MY abortion decision is mine and mine alone"Why would you even voice that according to you, it is OK for you to decide if an innocent baby dies or lives?  You must be  a very special person.  Back during World War II, a crazy Austrian with a funny little mustache thought just like you. 

Kathleen , go! Get out! Take your love for killing babies, & take some of your Pro - Murder friends & go back where you came from. Texas will be all the better if you would. But if course, you having the liberal mindset, you will never understand, so Adios. I pity your children - both the living & the dead.

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