The Unending Bias Of SA Express News Of Pro Life Rally

It just never ceases to amaze me of the bias the MSM exhibits in reporting the news, and in this particular case, the Express News report of the Right to Life Foundation Pro Life Rally held Sunday, January 26 at the Milan Plaza in downtown San Antonio.

It was a perfect sunny, serene, winter day for a rally especially on Pro Life. San Antonio certainly needs the support of Pro Life advocates as the Mayor Julian Castro echoes his Commander in Chief’s strong pro abortion stance. The crowd consisted of about ‘300’ people, a dismal number when you consider that San Antonio is the seat of the Archdiocese and has over 100 parishes not to mention the outlying counties. St. Mark’s Catholic Church had a notice in their Sunday bulletin about the rally. Did your parish have one? If not, why not?

Al Notzon from the Texas Leadership Coalition was the master of ceremonies and commented on the prolife movement. When introducing Senator Donna Campbell, he mentioned how difficult it was contending with the pro choice people because of their efforts to kill the bill that stopped abortion after 20 weeks and mandated that the abortion clinics be surgically safe for women desiring an abortion. He also included Wendy Davis’s filibuster of eleven hours in support of death.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller was not able to attend, so Father Larry Christian the Vicar for the Archdiocese of San Antonio and also the pastor of St. Francis of Assisi parish spoke on his behalf. He had a strong message by telling the crowd, “Commit yourself to Life!”

Michelle Ludolph stood in front of the prolife advocates and gave testimony by proclaiming that she “was saved from an abortion.” She went on to comment that she was saved from being aborted when her mother changed her mind just before she entered an abortion clinic. Ludolph said she felt lucky that her mom chose life.

It was not until Senator Donna Campbell went to the podium to speak the truth about the evils of abortion that three (3) protesters decided to spout their venom and disrupt the event. Senator Campbell handled the situation well by invoking prayer. There were no SA police to stop them, and as the only male pro choice devotee George Estevez told me, this is a public park and we can say what we want. Estevez also told me that there is no God and we are wasting our time. He recognized me as Red Sonja and told the two women that were demonstrating with him that I was a very conservative writer and that I was an ‘extreme radical’. I wonder if he even understands the word ‘radical’ as he is the one promoting abortion, the murder of the unborn. The other two pro abortion activists were from National Organization for Women and Equal Texas.

The Express News reporter Sig Christenson rushed to the hecklers to interview them and get their views on the Pro Life Rally. He actually went looking for his photographer to get photographs. His article titled, ‘Anti-abortion rally stirs passion and a protest.’ Note the words used ‘anti-abortion’ instead of Pro Life, stirs passion and a protest, yes there were ONLY 3 protesters to the 300 prolife supporters.

It takes courage to profess our faith and to show our support for the pro-life movement in our troubled times. The man kneeling in the picture below is Guy McClung who decided to ‘stand’ for what he believes. Personally, I found the antagonists ‘incendiary’ and contradictory. It’s extremely curious that the article by Christenson offered these words in his article in his portrayal of the rally. “The rally, held by the San Antonio Right to Life Foundation, was a mix of religious reverence, political sloganeering and, at times, incendiary rhetoric — as well as provocative symbolism. Darlene Jimenez offered free rubber fetuses representing stages of gestation.”

Christenson used ‘Political sloganeering’ directed at Senator Campbell but he might as well have included the Vicar Christian when Christian said, ‘Commit yourself to life’! Christenson should have been at the MLK March, now that was a total liberal political shindig. Mitsue McCoy, president of the San Antonio chapter of NOW might be more credible if she didn’t wear her ‘peace’ earrings before she disrupts a peaceful rally with her shouts and antics.

There were many staunch prolife advocates participating, such as Patrick Von Dohlen president of the San Antonio Family Association, Richard Reyna of Guadalupe Catholic radio and someone new to me, Angel Guillot with Life Runners. She recently moved to San Antonio and has started a chapter. She explained that this group is prolife and Jeremiah 1:5 is their strength. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” I don’t believe these people were interviewed….

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!

Life Runners

Anti-abortion rally stirs passion and a protest

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