What Happens When You Use “White People” as a Pejorative

Nothing, of course.

Today, my old buddy Ian Millhiser was at it again.

Ian is the “justice editor” at the left-wing thought-control site ThinkProgress. He is the poster boy of the 3×5 card of allowable opinion. His views are so exquisitely conventional that I made him the subject of an entire chapter of my 2014 book Real Dissent.

For years Ian smeared me in his coverage of state nullification without ever quoting a single word from my 2010 book, Nullification. It takes effort to be that ridiculous.

Today he was upset that Iowa governor Terry Branstad had been chosen as the new ambassador to China, and shared his righteous objection on Twitter:

“I’m sure the governor of a small, rural landlocked state full of white people will totally know a whole lot about China, and stuff.”

Ian actually withdrew his tweet when it was pointed out to him how much experience Branstad had in trade dealings with China, and that the Chinese foreign minister greeted the choice of Branstad with kind words for what he called “an old friend of the Chinese people.”

But Ian didn’t withdraw his statement because of the snide remark about a “state full of white people,” or his implication that its governor must be an ignorant hick.

Speaking that way is of course normal for Ian. “White people” is always a synonym for ignorant and stupid. The 3×5 card says so.

When white people object to this, they are probably white supremacists, the left’s new favorite shut-down-discussion term.

People really piled on ol’ Ian today. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.


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