Florida Judge Rules Obamacare to be Unconstitutional - On to Supreme Court?

Twenty-six states joined together to fight the unprecedented attack on our nation's healthcare system and personal freedom by the Obama Administration and its 2010 Healthcare Reform law. Today, in a resounding defeat to President Obama, a Florida judge declared the law to be unconstitutional.

The abuse of the Constitution is so clear, US District Judge Roger Vinson made his decision without even having a trial. He accepted the 26 states' arguement that the new law violates the rights of the people by forcing them to buy healthcare insurance by 2014 or face fines, or jail.

In blatant disrespect for states rights, the Obama administration attorneys' defense was that the states did not have standing to bring the lawsuit. Clearly, someone needs to go read the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott enjoined Texas as one of the 26 states suing the Federal Government on this issue. When I spoke with Gen. Abbott on the floor of the Texas House during the opening session of the 2011 legislature, Gen. Abbott told me he felt very confident the judge would rule in favor of the states on this matter. Once again he is correct.

Gen. Abbott will hold a press meeting in Austin later today on this subject. I will bring you an update on this story as soon as the information is available.

For now, two federal judges have ruled the mandatory purchase provision of the Obama Healthcare Law to be unconstitutional. Without the mandatory compliance section, the rest of the reform is meaningless.

The Texas House introduced a bill last week to begin compliance with Obamacare. This action should be put on hold immediately. We cannot let any parts of this become active as it will make it harder to unravel.

More information will follow as it becomes available.

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I hope Mr. President will ask the senate to repeal the law, as it has already been repealed by the House and now this judge rules in favor of 26 states. It is the right thing to do, Mr. President; repeal the law!

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