Freshman Congresswoman Kristi Noem Brings Real Life Experience to CPAC

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) Tea Party Freshman in the US House of Representatives. This is an excellent time to be a conservatie. Praised CPAC for their ongoing efforts.

I am nobody special. I am just a farmer. I know what the impact of big government is. In January, we made this the People's House again. Born and raised as a rancher and farmer. Learned from her Dad, "instead of complaining about something, why don't you do something about it?"

Father killed in farming accident at age of 49. She came home to help with the family farm. Felt the impact of "Death Tax".

Do I have to sell land to pay the taxes or take out a loan. For ten years they struggled with paying back the loan to pay off the "Death Tax". Later started a hunting lodge which she still runs.

She has solid business experience from a hard working traditional American Family. Decided to run because of Healthcare debate. "We need common every-day people to run Congress."

This Congress wants to deliver "Historic Results" No more bailouts. What is a bailout. It is when people make some poor decisions The government then comes along and takes money from everybody else and gives it to those who made the mistakes.

37 Freshmen of the new Congress never held public office before. We came here to make the tough decision. Tough decisions are exactly what we are going to do. Courage is being scared but getting in the saddle anyway. We may not know how Washington works, but really, "we don't care".

Education is not working. For the first time our children are getting a worse education than we did. She told some seniors in High School, your parents really are smarter than you are. (jokingly)

We must stimulate this economy and create jobs.

Citizen legislatures are exactly what our founding fathers intended. Talked about reading of the Constitution on the House floor. It must be the guideline of all we do. Our founding fathers never intended for a full time career politician passing multi thousand page bills without passing them. Nor a president who doubles the size and impact of government.

We must fight against this growth of government, excessive spending and borrowing. Ask yourself "What can I do?" I never dreamed I would be a member of Congress.

A lot can change in one year. Please step up!



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