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I try to focus on the wisdom of the policy and not the deceitfulness or ignorance of the politician. Speculations of mine are just that: speculations. And, they serve little purpose but to distract from a consideration of the policy itself, which is WRONG irrespective of its dishonesty or foolishness. However, it’s painfully difficult to give Obama credit as serious when he came out last week and promoted the jobs report as evidence that his policies “are working.” Over 125,000 new jobs per month are required just to maintain employment levels, with population growth and people leaving the work force through retirement or otherwise.

The headline was that the official unemployment rate dropped from 10.9% to 10.7%. And of course, that only measures those who are actively looking and not those who are underemployed. But, of 431,000 new jobs, around 400,000 of them were temporary government census jobs. And reports are that these workers are fired, kept for weeks, fired and rehired again in order to count again as new hires. Can you make it harder to take intentions seriously?

And how about this nonsense of Obama needing to find out “who’s ass to kick” on this Gulf oil spill problem? I obviously didn’t blame Obama because an accident happen (that’s what accidents do), but there was plenty of foolishness to be found among liberals who thought the Obama and/or government God should push everyone out of the way and fix the problem. And more than once, I’ve heard reporters ask or muse about whether Obama should fire BP CEO Tony Hayward. Whaaa? Obama really has no business firing people from an American company. BP is a foreign company! If Exxon has an oil spill in the Middle East, should some Middle Eastern King fire Exxon’s CEO?! This is a joke! Not even the president of the most powerful country in the world, runs everything in it! Maybe Obama should swim down there and cork it, himself. Or maybe like in the old Superman movie, he could fly around the world so fast that he reverses the rotation and time? If they didn’t cause such terrible problems, these liberals would be funny. They think you can’t trust a private company like BP to do the best they can because, after all, they only care about money… WELL, I FREAKING HOPE SO! BP is bleeding money and reputation like a sieve and hoping to survive. These people think the government can solve it better than an international oil company and its engineers???

Obama should just provide whatever air and sea help that engineers and governors ask for. And since they love to throw money around, how about offering a few billion dollars to any private company that provides a solution that works? Oh, but government would never think of that. Anyway, it looks like BP’s latest effort is having some success. Now, government can do their best to drive them out of business, along with their moratorium on drilling that will put many thousands of people out of work and keep us dependent on imported oil? That’s only doing what they do best.

This AP story also ran in many US newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle on Friday. AP Impact: US-Mexico border isn't so dangerous. Questioning articles asked for instance, why Austin was listed, though San Antonio is closer to the border and also has a relatively low crime rate. Whatever San Antonio’s rating, it would seem that Austin was in the top four. In any case, both of them and all of these suggest that immigration has little to do with violent crime except for the obvious violence of the drug trade, which occurs among any humans where there is a market. Rather than trashing people as criminals who want to work who can’t in their country, we need to focus on fixing our problems of foolish and neglected law. We need sensible immigration policy that screens, identifies, and taxes illegal aliens in the country, as Norman Adams’ Sensible Immigration Policy does. Good luck at The Republican Party of Texas Convention, this week. And as has been referenced, the organizers of these anti-immigration groups that are trying to snare inflamed conservatives, are wacko pro-abortion population control environmentalist fruitcakes. Don’t take the bait.

And of course there were primaries around the country Tuesday: Republicans will have a band of strong conservative women and ethnic candidates, this year. Already hurting on the pandering spending front, Democrats can also stow the sexism and bigotry angles. It doesn’t look good for them. If Republicans are going to blow this election, they have 5 months to really blow it. Things look so bad in some places for Democrats, I expect the mud to really fly. For instance, if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can’t paint his conservative opponent Sharon Angle, as an idiot or a fiend. He’s simply toast.

And generally this year, it’s been tough for incumbents and career politicians. But how’s this for foolishness? The entire European economic community is in serious debt. So is The United States generally and most of the states individually. Greece was the first to face outright default and require a bailout from other indebted countries of the Euro Zone. If you compare The US with Europe, then California is Greece, unable to further raise taxes or restrain its lavish government spending; only Greece is a minor European economy and California is the 8th largest economy in the world. So, in this dreadful environment for both Democrats and incumbents and political insiders, California Democrats are sending up as their nominee for governor, a career politician who was already California governor…first elected in the 1970’s. It’s good ol’ Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown. And, you know what? California is so crazy and fiscally incontinent that I can’t rule out the possibility that he could win. Why should California get sober (they’re also trying to entirely legalize Marijuana, by the way)? Courtesy of our Democrat president and US Congress, it’s all of the rest of us that are probably going to bail them out! Just because they wrecked the car, are we going to take our perpetual adolescent’s keys away?


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