America’s Desperate Attempt seeking Conservative Candidates

The America of old is about to collide with the America of now. We all know whether you support or do not support the 2016 Republican presidential presumptive nominee that there is definitely something amiss. Our traditional American values were at risk when Obama came into office and some of you might even think that America was in trouble even before the last 8 years. The fact remains that Obama has facilitated Americans to become more secular. When Obama entered into office we were given the opportunity to tour the stately White House, the Defense of Marriage Act was defended and in January of 2008 Obama let the nation know he was very much an abortion advocate. Little did we know that in 2015 the Supreme Court would deem same-sex marriage legal in a ‘Christian’ nation. And I’m afraid, given the lawlessness and the moral decay we are experiencing, America’s future looks dim. But truth is the light that shines on darkness.

I have spent a good part of my life informing conservatives what conservatism means and it is obvious that a lot of information falls on deaf ears. This has been an extremely difficult year working to elect officials who have experience, conservative values and are good moral character. I personally fought to keep a State Supreme Court Justice in office over someone without any experience and with a dubious background. In another instance, I battled to keep a congressman who was supported by the NRA and National Right to Life over an inexperience candidate who campaigned on lies. Republicans will face their Democrat opponents in the November General Election. Needless to say not all the candidates that I championed won, just like not all the candidates I represent are flawless, which brings me to a very difficult situation in House District 73.

Representative Doug Miller House District 73 is being challenged by a hardware store owner, Kyle Biedermann. I was hoping to not get into this fight but realizing that I owe my own community the truth I decided it is the right thing to do.

Comal County is having critical issues with water because of all the new housing developments. In a recent debate between Rep Miller and Biedermann a question was asked if it was important to know or have relationships with heads of agencies such as Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Groundwater Conservation District or Emergency Services District. Biedermann’s stock answer was that there is way too much government overreach and basically that it isn’t important. If you live in Comal County you know there are plenty of water issues to negotiate. And yes it is very important that our HD73 Rep understands who he can contact to help the citizens with their issues. Biedermann would have absolutely no clue as to how to go about addressing our water problems.

Rep Miller is presently assisting the City of Bulverde with some hazardous water issues. His answer was totally opposite. “Yes, it is critical.” Rep Miller told the audience. The fact is that Oak Village North, with about 2,000 residents, was fighting Lennar Homes about the amount of waste water being discharged into a neighborhood creek. The residents of OVN went to Rep Miller for help. Their concern was that the wastewater was contaminating their subdivision’s wells. Because of Rep Miller’s relationship with the Executive Director of TCEQ he was able to facilitate settlement with Lennar Homes.

Everyone should be very aware of not only the experience or lack of experience and character of the candidate they intend to support. Express News wrote an article exposing Biedermann in March of this year, “GOP Texas House candidate dressed as ‘Gay Hitler’ “

The image and this excerpt are taken from the Express News article. Last month, Biedermann tried to explain this context to a concerned voter in an email.

“Thanks for your interest in my campaign,” he wrote. “The explanation is simple. This was a fundraiser for the Food Pantry and the Needs Counsel with about 400 people with a SNL theme … The costumes are supposed to be outrageous and mine certainly was. Gay Hitler was a SNL character from the show which of course (sic) is a spoof.”

He added in the email, “I am not gay and never have been. Don’t know anything about Swingers Clubs and no desire to find out. I have an amazing wife.” Still you might question why a grown man would dress like a gay Hitler.

Just recently I received some pretty damaging public documents concerning Biedermann which have compelled me to write this article. His divorce papers highlight a very tragic situation between him and his daughters. He was accused of inappropriate behavior with his daughters. This is reprehensible. And certainly is an indication of Biedermann’s lack of moral character. If anyone is interested in reading the documents, the case number is 9284 in Gillespie County, Texas.

If we are to retain conservatism in Texas, we must fight against the hypocrisy of calling a candidate a conservative when he or she is NOT. Conservatism should not be worn as an accessory but as a true trait of the individual. Texas is one of the very few states left fighting to circumvent the moral abyss that seems inevitable if we continue to promote and support candidates who claim to have a moral compass and in reality hide who they really are. Luckily we are blessed to live in Texas where being conservative still has a positive meaning.

Biedermann from his debates fails to show that he has any experience or knowledge necessary to represent the people in HD73, which includes Comal County the 7th largest county in the United States. Furthermore, Biedermann lacks the moral discernment that should be basic to every conservative. For this reason Biedermann is a very poor choice in the upcoming Run Off election May 24 with Early Voting May 16 – May 20. We can’t afford to make mistakes in electing our officials after all, we all know that we deserve the officials we elect.


Fight, Fight, Fight!

GOP Texas House candidate dressed as ‘Gay Hitler’


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