And They Say We Are Crazy!

Tea Party ProtestScott Rasmussen reported that 51% of voters view radical Muslim as our biggest threat, but only 13% of voters view the Tea Party as the biggest threat to United States. However, only 29% of Obama supporters view radical Muslims as a threat, while 22% of them view Tea Party as the largest threat. Those who are Obama’s strongest supporters actually view the Tea Party as a bigger threat than radical Islam.

There is only one explanation, that Democrats live in a parallel universe, as Powerline blogger John Hinderaker noted, “Now, there is only one sane answer to that question. No Tea Party group has ever been implicated in a terrorist attack or even, as far as I can recall, an isolated act of violence. Attenders of Tea Party events are notorious for cleaning up after themselves like Boy Scouts. But this survey suggests that partisan Democrats are living in a parallel universe…. No wonder IRS employees, nearly all of whom are likely Obama supporters, thought it was only natural to try to block any organization with Tea Party in its name! And no wonder that Democratic fundraising appeals usually contain references to ‘Tea Party Republicans.’ They are talking in code: the equivalent, coming from the Republican side, would be ‘al Qaeda Democrats.’ Only Republicans aren’t crazy.”

We are being governed by a political party that views the other political party not as opposition to be debated, but criminals and terrorists to be punished. We constantly hear about the need for civility, but how can we have civility when one side views the other as a political obstacle that needs to be destroyed? For the past few years, I have made the case that the left is more extreme than the right, and that their world view has dangerous components that threaten the long-term health of our democracy. The recent IRS scandal is the result of political activists who used one of the most powerful agencies to attack political opponents, and as John Hinderaker pointed out, the IRS scandal is merely reflective of political poisoning from the left.

The Tea Party stands for reducing the government’s size, not its expansion, so how does that feature into a violent revolution? Contrast the behavior of the Tea Party with that of the Occupy Movement where rape, plunder, and pillage were common occurrences, and you have to wonder, how again is the Tea Party a threat? For the left, victory means power and control over our lives largely through the expansion of the bureaucratic state.

Paul Mirengoff concluded, “Some on the left understand that al Qaeda, on occasion, can cause physical harm. But the Tea Party represents a threat to the religion of the left — big government liberalism. For many Obama supporters, that threat is more terrifying.” Maybe the left is not actually crazy, but simply wants to decimate its opponents. But then when a group views a peaceful group as more of a threat to our society than real terrorist, we have a problem with body politics.


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