The Biden/AOC/Sanders Plan For America In January 2021

As we previously pointed out, this is a choice election. While President Trump is not perfect and the Joe Biden-led Democrats are not your parent's Democratic Party, the forthcoming platform and their radical left agenda will transform America in a way that will leave us on the road to what author Cal Thomas called in his recent book "America's Expiration Date."

Let's take a look at the agenda they will roll with next January. All from the Biden, Sanders Task Force and Democratic think tanks:

  1. Pack the Supreme Court via expansion so they can pad the liberal plurality. This threat alone has impacted Chief Justice Roberts in some of his recent decisions.
  2. Tax Increases. They always want to increase taxes "on the rich," "who don't pay their fair share." Of course if you have paid attention, they always say that, yet somehow some way the middle class gets hit with higher taxes.
  3. Gun Control. Every time there are high profile shootings, the anti-gun Democrats call for universal background checks, ban assault weapons (or guns that look like it), ban high capacity magazines, make gun companies liable for crimes committed with their products, and finally 'Beto' O'Rourke's solution, gun confiscation (remember he is an advisor to Biden).
  4. Amnesty. Not Immigration Reform, but a plan to legalize all the illegals in the country and without enforcement. We just reset the clock as illegals flow into the U.S.
  5. Full Restoration of Taxpayer Funded Abortions.
  6. DC Statehood. It requires a Constitutional Amendment, but if you are packing the court with leftists, why not go for it? Besides, the reason DC was not a state going back to the Constitution, this is just an attempt to pack the Senate with two more liberal Democrats representing 705,749 people. Instead, let the citizens vote for the U.S. Senate and House in Maryland. A left-wing packed Supreme Court could bless this scam.
  7. Green New Deal. You know the one, kill the oil and gas industry and spend $50-93 trillion over the next decade to zero out greenhouse gases. AOC's favorite.
  8. Medicare for All. Sanders' idea is a national single-payer Medicare system with vastly expanded benefits. No private plans allowed to compete and no cost sharing. Estimates of the cost of this idea per the Mercatus Center at George Mason University is conservatively the federal government's commitment for healthcare and will go up by $32.8 trillion over its first ten years (2022-2031).

This is just a sample of the radical agenda coming if we give the Democrats the keys to Washington.


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