Biden's Goal To Unite The Country, Good, His First Week's Efforts, Bad

After an amicable start at his inauguration with his calls of coming together, President Biden along with President Trump's amicable farewell address one may think that maybe we can move past all the political animosity. Maybe we can work together with give and take to govern, but no, that was asking for too much.

Biden's initial executive orders were not a good sign. Generally, I do not approve of executive orders used to usurp Congress' role. Biden is going at it with extreme vigor to remake America in the left's vision.

Let's review some of the more onerous Biden executive orders which together will make it harder to do business in the U.S., creates other roadblocks to our recovery from Covid-19, recklessly opens the borders, and significantly impacts women's rights in a negative way.

First, stopping construction of the southern border wall and stopping all deportations for 100 days. These acts are invitations for a massive increase in illegal immigration. Already at least two caravans with upwards of ten thousand illegals are coming from Central America. Biden wants a path to citizenship for some 11-30 million illegals - the equivalent of amnesty. Not a sound immigration system.

Second, Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline against Canada's wishes and which is mostly complete, effectively killing thousands of good paying union jobs. The product the pipeline would carry will still come to us via trains, trucks and/or be sent to China via a pipeline to the west coast of Canada. So talk about saving the environment if XL canceled is a lot of hot air.

Third, rejoin the Paris climate accords, a treaty never passed by the U.S. Senate, which treats China as a developing country while putting onerous restrictions on the U.S. Rejoining the World Health Organization, which proved quite useless in the Covid pandemic without any concessions from the Chinese dominated group is an empty gesture.

Fourth, incredibly, President Biden opens the door to men in women's bathrooms and guts legal protections for women by denying female athletes fair competition in sports and allowing biological men to compete directly with women and threaten women's athletic scholarships. The American people overwhelmingly oppose allowing this. And so what if the hard won gains for women are sacrificed to the transsexual special interest group. Women's rights are yesterday's news.

And this is just the beginning.


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