Brady on Texas Radio discussing border crisis and the President's visit to Texas

On Wednesday evening, Brady joined Joe Pagliarulo on The Joe Pags Show, live on WOAI in San Antonio (segment starts at 20:56):
"I love the fact that he just went straight to the American people on this and he got to do in his own words. Because when I, up here, read and see what he's talking about, versus what's covered in the national media, it is dramatically different. He made the case convincingly. He was factual, he knew the issue, he laid out examples." 

"Obviously we all watched Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer and they were petty, and political and partisan. I think the only thing that Senator Schumer got right is there is no excuse to keep the government shut down. He needs to sit down with this President, find common ground, secure the border, and reopen the government."

"They're just so dysfunctional about this President - no matter what he does, they're against it." 

Thursday morning, Brady spoke with Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer on KRTH in Houston:
"I think it's smart for [President Trump] to come the border. He made the case pretty calmly, pretty factually about why we do have a crisis at the border and the seriousness of it. Here in Houston, it doesn't take a lot of convincing. Our region is the number one sex trafficking hub in the nation -- almost 300,000 victims of sex trafficking in Texas. We see the impact of the MS-13 gangs, the criminals, the meth, the heroin, the drugs - you know, we see it firsthand. More has to be done and he's simply saying we gotta have more resources for it."

"We are a welcoming country. We welcome legal immigration. We accept those who are truly fleeing persecution. We do that as a country. But this is about stopping the bad actors who also use that same border. They can argue about the numbers all the want, but we know in Texas how damaging this can be and that the border isn't secure."

"The President not only made a compelling case for this, but he's repeatedly said look, 'I am flexible in how we do this. If we want to allocate funding over several years, if you have a different approach - Democrats - to solving this problem, I'm open to that as well.' But they just seem dug in on zero money, not a dollar for the wall, period. Democrats just can't say no, and walk away, and expect this problem to be solved."

"We're right on this issue. The border is not secure. Everyone knows it and in the past Democrats knew it too and voted for funding, including fencing and barriers, more agents, in bigger numbers than what President Trump is requesting right now."

Brady also went on the Mark Davis Show on AM 660 The Answer in Dallas on Thursday morning
“[The President] referred to politicians who have walls around their own home - his point is really a great point - you don't have that there because you hate the people outside, it's because you love the people inside. He believes - and I do too - that his number one priority, his Constitutional responsibility, is to keep Americans safe."

"[Houston] is the number one hub for human sex trafficking in the U.S. 80,000 underage kids, boys and girls, are forced into prostitution. The meth, the heroin, the MS-13 gangs, which continue to murder with impunity - we see all that in real life in our communities. The national media can try to fact check all they want, but the facts on the ground are real people, innocent people, pay the price when that southern border isn't adequately patrolled."


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