Brave Armed Connecticut Citizens: ” We Will NOT Comply”

It has been a almost year since a Navy Veteran and Firefighter, John Cinque stood before Connecticuts anti gun politicians and bravely proclaimed he would NOT COMPLY with their new unconstitutional laws.

In this video, the politicians brushed off the “unconstitutional” accusations with a response of “we are doing something… thats all people want and now that we have done something, the pressure will go away.”

Really? So.. to hell with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.. The lawmakers in Connecticut respond to “pressure”… emotional reactionary pressure to a tragic situation rather than rely on the rule of law to determine what they can and can not do to gun owners.

Politicians may have blown off Cinque then, but now that there are almost 100 thousand Connecticut citizens delivering Cinque’s message of Non Compliance, its going to be a bit more difficult to enforce the laws. In addition, millions of Americans from other states around the country are stepping up and pledging solidarity with their armed Connecticut friends and are willing to come to their aid should the state resort to violent enforcement

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