Britain Exits EU – Hail Britannia, Implications For Our Election

The battle that the leave forces had over exiting the European Union is similar to one we face this year over immigration policy, who controls (if anyone) our borders, our nationalism, globalism and its impact on the U.S., and our sovereignty.

The victory is for citizens who have had it with out-of-touch political and economic elites and will allow Great Britain to reclaim their own nation's future.

The vote was 51.9% to leave, 48.1% to remain. A margin of over 1 million votes of the nearly 33.5 million people voting.

This was also a defeat for Obama and Clinton who both favored a vote to remain. As for our elections, the pollsters told us those that wanted to remain would win. They were wrong. This could foretell an Obama-Clinton defeat in November if the GOP shows it's got what it takes.


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