Comal County Rebukes Dade Phelan and Stands with AG Ken Paxton

As most of you know, there is a struggle for political power not only for our nation but for Texas.  The rule of law is failing in both.  In Texas it seems that the process to impeach was not followed and now Texas finds itself in unprecedented territory.  The Speaker of the Texas House, Dade Phelan, has acquired too much political power and not because he is a true Republican conservative but because he plays with the House Democrats.   In essence he is the biggest obstacle Texas has in passing Republican legislation.  By appointing Democrat Chairs for house committees, Phelan allows the Democrats to have control to pass weak or even stop legislation that the people want passed by the Republican majority.  School Choice is just one example.  The bill that prevents foreigners, i.e. China, from buying land in Texas did not see the light of day is another.  Why you might ask.  Since Texas is considered a Red State then we should be passing Republican legislation.  In fact, we should be leading the nation in conservative legislation not following.  Right? 

President Al Highfield of the Republican Club of Comal County recently hosted a program featuring noted speaker Jo Ann Fleming of Grassroots America.   A booklet with a multitude of information was given to each member present.  I felt that the Reality Check graph was an excellent visual to illustrate what is happening at the Texas Capitol. 

The biggest betrayal to the people of Texas by the Texas House was the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Phelan had enlisted a secret House committee to investigate the Attorney General.  Treachery always works in the shadows.   Then only with 48 hours’ notice, he led a four hour impeachment on May 27, 2023.     

The media is having a field day with the unsworn and unfounded accusations against suspended General Paxton.  By writing opinions in countless newspapers and magazines Paxton’s enemy’s efforts are yet to be validated.   Paxton has been an energetic warrior fighting for Texas and Texans against the biden administration’s tyranny and abuse of power.  He has fought for our conservative values with his whole heart and soul and now finds himself in a volatile situation put there by the Republican House members.  The Democrats are drooling over the impeachment possibility.

There lies in the shadows those that continue to harp on Paxton’s affair and should be addressed.  Sadly, we live in times where non-Christians mock Christianity and any transgression is used against the flawed Christian.  As Christians we know that repentance is essential for mercy.  The self-righteous want to penalize Paxton for his much publicized affair.  The sanctimonious would rather plunge Texas into the Marxist pit than to forgive.  Adultery is not an impeachable offense.  Moreover, Paxton’s wife Angela has forgiven him. A couple “working things out” is significantly better than that awful D that breaks families apart.  Supporting families to stay together is being pro-family.  Forgiveness is the key to heaven.  “If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you, But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions” (Matthew 6:14-15). There have been many flawed leaders that went on to do great things because of forgiveness.  Peter denied Jesus three times, Saul persecuted Christians and after his conversion became the Apostle Paul.   Hope is eternal.  

While we wait for the Senate Impeachment trial to begin on September 5 all eyes should be on the traitors that led the impeachment.  Phelan is the first one that should be voted out. A conservative with a steel backbone must take the reins of the Texas House in order for Texas to remain Republican.

Meanwhile, Comal County is working diligently to inform its citizens of the unfairness of the impeachment.  Chairman of the Comal County Republican Party, Sue Piner, said that Comal is “Paxton country.”  He won in November of 2022 with 71.43% of the vote in Comal.  Piner also said that a Resolution was proposed by the Executive Committee and adopted on July 27, 2023.


A Resolution in Support of Censure of State Representative and Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan

WHEREAS, pursuant to Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), The Orange County Republican Party voted affirmatively and did adopt a resolution to censure Speaker Dade Phelan for reasons stated in such resolution; and

WHEREAS, Orange County Texas, being in House District 21, is represented by Representative Dade Phelan;

WHEREAS, The Orange County Texas Republican Party’s censure requested the RPT to concur with its resolution of censure and impose all penalties available to it as described in Rule 44 of the RPT;

WHEREAS, State Representative Dade Phelan, as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, has abused the power of his office and his authority as Speaker by taking three or more actions during the current biennium that are either in opposition to the core principles of the RPT, or opposition to the RPT Legislative Priorities, or both;

WHEREAS, the RPT passed a resolution condemning the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives led impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton on June 17, 2023, for reasons stated therein;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Republican Party of Comal County, Texas adopted this resolution on July 27, 2023, stating its full support of Republican Party of Orange County, Texas and all requested relief stated therein; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we request the State Republican Executive Committee of the RPT concur in the Resolution of Censure adopted by the Republican Party of Orange County, Texas and thereafter impose upon Representative Dade Phelan all penalties provided in Rule 44 of the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that an official copy of this resolution be prepared and transmitted to the Republican Party of Orange County, Texas Chairman for further appropriate action.


Sue Piner, Chair Comal County GOP               

Marty Hiles, Vice Chair Comal County GOP


Comal county is rich in Republican clubs all working to keep Texas Red and to update their members of the consequences of this Impeachment.  One club that came out with an Action Plan against Phelan was the Bulverde Spring Branch Conservatives.   President Kaci Sisk said that the Committee Chairman for the initiative is Mark Montgomery and has done an excellent job to help remove Phelan.   Montgomery said that, “Democrats are running the Texas House and Dade Phelan is their leader.  He has got to go so that we can take our House back.” 

All Texans are encouraged to print a letter and send it in to the Republican Party of Texas.  You can print your letter and sign it until the end of the impeachment trial. (copy and paste to your browser)

After you print the letter follow these instructions:

DO NOT alter the body of the letter in any way - we want Phelan to receive hundreds of letters with these same grievances.

Complete all the blank areas at the bottom of the letter – your signature must be in BLUE ink.

Mail to the following address      

Republican Party of Texas

P.O. Box 2206

Austin, Texas 78768


Scan your completed letter and email to [email protected]


Take a picture of your completed letter & text it to 866-989-3089

It would be a show of Texas Patriotism to tell Phelan, “Texans don’t want your Marxist ways in Texas!”  Pray for General Ken Paxton and his family and that Almighty God protect Texas.  #StandwithPaxton





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