Cornyn Bill Creating Medal of Honor Monument in D.C. Signed Into Law

Legislation I authored, which would authorize the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation to establish a commemorative work in D.C. to honor the selfless service and sacrifices displayed by Medal of Honor recipients past and present, was signed into law yesterday.

An homage to America’s Medal of Honor recipients in our nation’s capital will remind visitors and residents alike of what it means to put your country first. The selfless servicemembers who have earned the Medal of Honor – like the fabled Patrick Brady and Audie Murphy, to name a few – deserve our utmost respect and recognition, and I applaud the Foundation, which calls Arlington, Texas home, for their hard work and advocacy.


This bill honors the more than 3,500 American heroes who demonstrated unparalleled courage in military service by going above and beyond the call of duty to protect our freedom which earned them the Medal of Honor.  The National Medal of Honor Monument will be a living memorial, honoring the growing list of Medal of Honor recipients, and will serve as a ceremonial place of reflection that highlights their service and sacrifice in our Nation’s Capital. The mission of the National Medal of Honor Museum, which is currently being built in Arlington, Texas, is to commemorate the stories of our Medal of Honor recipients, unite Americans around the common ideals embodied by the medal, and inspire every citizen to look for ways to serve and create a lasting impact in their own communities. 


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