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The Lone Star Tea Party is holding a tax day protest this evening in Grand Prairie, Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area). The Lone Star Tea Party is the largest Tea Party in Texas. TexasGOPVote bloggers Adryana Boyne and Fernando Trevino will be featured speakers at this event!

Live reports from Fernando Trevino:

7:10pm (CST): The Lone Star Tea Party event is just starting. Thomas Paine (Alex Basso) is taking stage.

7:14 pm(CST): Thomas calls the Tea Party the most powerful voice of change in American politics. He says an undefeatbale giant has been awakened, and that giant is in this stadium. Its name is "We the People, silent no more."

7:17pm (CST): Thomas Paine, "We are not anti-immigrant, we are pro-rule of law."

7:40pm (CST): A Vietnamese-American named Tom Ha who was born in Communist Vietnam speaks.

7:53pm (CST): Adryana Boyne takes the stage and Tom Ha interviews her.

Comments from Adryana Boyne:

The event went really well! There were several times in which I could hear a resounding ovation and applause for my statements. It did srpinkle a bit before Fernando spoke but not many people left. There were reportedly 18,000 people in attendance! You can read my speech here.

It was a joy to see Fernando Trevino speak at the Lone Star Tea Party. He did an incredible job, and his delivery was remarkable!

He opened his speech with an Aggie greeting, "Howdy", of course and then went on to explain how he is a young 19 year old who is about to vote in his first general election this November and he will be voting for conservative candidates.

Fernandos speech was powerful and encouraged more young people to get involved. He also challenged Keith Olbermanns ridiculous comments regarding race and politics, false assertions that are propagated by the liberal media until people like Fernando from the border speak up and show that the people there think differently.

Fernando really got the crowd going when he remarked that he is "ready to do my part to rip that gavel from Nancy Pelosis hands and return freedom and liberty to this nation!"

Fernandos speech ended with another Aggie remark, a BTHO (beat the hell outta . . .), and the whole Lone Star Park joined him!

I think that Fernando has a lot of new fans last night but the greatest surprise he received that evening was the  arrival of his dad, Mr Fernado Trevino to the Lonestar Tea Party! Read Fernandos speech here.

Additional comments from Fernando Trevino:

On April 15th, 2010, fellow Texas GOP Vote blogger Adryana Boyne spoke to an estimated 18,000 at the Lone Star Tea Party at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Adryana Boyne started out by proclaiming the fact that she is a proud immigrant who has never received an entitlement from the US government. This really excited the crowd as she is an example of the success immigrants can accomplish in this nation without the crutch of government.

After a fiery beginning, Mrs. Boyne went on to inform the crowd of what are the principles found in the oath of citizenship. This was very interesting, as those of us born in the US do not ever have to take this oath and most had no idea what was actually entailed in the oath. Once again the crowd was extremely receptive as these principles were both informative and inspiring. 

Rather than suggest that we throw out all members of Congress, Mrs. Boyne suggested that we support conservative candidates who are challenging liberal incumbents and that we support members of Congress who are doing a good job such as Michelle Bachmann and Mike Pence.  She also spoke very highly of candidates Francisco "Quico" Canseco from CD23 and Pastor Stephen Broden from CD30.  Organizers of the tea party did not want candidates to speak at the event, but mention of these conservative candidates really got the crowd excited about our prospects in November.

Mrs. Boyne decided to end her speech with a little more than 30 seconds in Spanish. Despite allegations of racism from liberals and the mainstream media, the crowd was extremely receptive to Mrs. Boynes encouraging words in Spanish. After her speech there were many tea partiers who were moved by her speech, her story as an immigrant, and by her Spanish! One Latino tea partier even came up and gave her a shirt he had made regarding conservative Latinos. 

It was amazing to see how many people were present for this event, and Adryana Boyne did a fantastic job at riling up the crowd and getting them excited about continuing our hard work in order to succeed at the polls in November. 

Fernando Trevino with Zo Rachel:

Adryana Boyne with Thomas Paine (Alex Basso):

Adryana Boyne interview

Tea Party posters:

Adryana Boyne speaks to the crowd:

Fernando Trevino speaks to the crowd:

Fernandos father surprises him!

Lone Star Tea Party crowd:

Adryana Boyne and Mike Gallagher:


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