Democrats Once Again Block Van Duyne's Commonsense Gun Bill

House Democrats blocked my bill – H.R. 3290, the Disarming Felons Act – from consideration and debate. The Disarming Felons Act would prohibit an individual who committed a violent felony between the ages of 15 and 17 from buying a firearm after turning 18. 

The Democrats' actions today once again prove they are more interested in politicizing a tragedy than hearing commonsense solutions," said Rep. Van Duyne. “Instead of pointing fingers and proposing radical policies that will never see the light of day, it is vital Congress pursue practical solutions like H.R. 3290 to prevent guns from falling into the hands of violent criminals.

This bill was offered as an amendment to Rep. Jerry Nadler's Protecting our Kids Act and Rep. Lucy McBath's Federal Extreme Protection Order Act. This offer was blocked by House Democrats today, and similarly blocked early last year.

My bill has the support of local police officers including the Texas Municipal Police Association:

"We are proud to support Rep. Van Duyne’s Disarming Felons Act. This bill would protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights while also keeping guns out of the hands of violent offenders." -Texas Municipal Police Association


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