House Successfully Pressures Obama to Declare ISIS Committing Genocide

In an effort to force the Obama Administration’s hand after a nearly two-year delay, on March 14th the House unanimously passed a resolution that officially declared the actions taken by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS amount to genocide. Three days later, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama Administration finally joined the House in this declaration. The acknowledgment of ISIS’s genocide is important because it puts pressure on the Obama Administration to prevent these mass religious killings and to finally put forth a comprehensive strategy to defeat these terrorists.

ISIS is becoming bolder because they face no repercussions from America and other world leaders. Case in point: on March 22nd – just four months after the massive coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris – members of ISIS launched another attack in Brussels that killed 32 people. America must lead the fight in aggressively defeating ISIS and other terrorists who are seeking to destroy our democratic freedoms and way of life.


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