Human Rights - America vs. China

We here in America live in a democracy.  Simply translated, that means your human rights are of the greatest importance, as they were given to you by God.  They are rights that cannot be taken from you by your government — unless you allow them to.  We are reaching a point in our history that those rights are under the greatest threat in the last 200+ years.

But still, you are much better off than the average citizen in China.  The exception being, I exclude the elites of China.  If you are rich and a member of the communist party in good standing you are, as it is said today, golden.  But everyone else too often is treated worse than cattle.  Slavery is alive and well in China.

But the ugly story does not end there.  There is an issue in China that grossly out weighs anything that a person living in a civil society could imagine.  The killing of ‘innocent’ people for profit.  Hard to believe?  Read on.

China’s Transplant business

To get a kidney transplant in most countries is 6+ months of waiting.  But, in China, you can receive many of those parts in 24 hours after checking into a Chinese hospital.  How is that possible you ask?  The answer is having a very large ‘bank’ of ‘donors’.

Most people have heard that China houses many prisoners in their ‘camps’.  Most of the people in those prisons are Chinese citizens of one of two types:  political and religious.  Political prisoners are often people who do not agree with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and or possibly made a negative statement in front of someone about the CCP.  If so, that’s it, you’re going to ‘camp’ — a one-way ticket.  Or if you are caught practicing your religion (Christian, Islam, Falon Gong, etc.) while in China, you go to prison.  Few people are given the opportunity to be ‘re-educated’ with the possibility of release.

However, if you’re one of those unfortunates to enter, you are finger-printed, blood typed, genetically typed (DNA), etc. and your information is placed in a database for future use.  If someone comes to China and needs a transplant, they are typed and then matched against the database of transplant ‘volunteers’ in the prison.

As a result, if you go to China after scheduling your trip, you get a new organ shortly after arriving.  Hard to believe?  Read the following articles on this subject.  This is a reality and has been for decades.

In summary, people are being murdered — if your lucky, before the operation — for organs and their lifeless bodies are discarded in crematoriums located nearby.  China’s only flaw in their process was they were taking prisoners from death row.  But they had to expand their process to take people who are not on death row due to a shortage of ‘donors’.  Can you even grasp the level of fear these people have daily!

People in America are constantly harping on their rights.  But you normally don’t hear them complaining about being harvested for body parts and murdered.  Sadly, far too many Americans are now in favor of socialism over capitalism.  THIS is socialism (communism) at its finest!!  This is where millions of Americans want to go?!  Really?

And people call china our ‘friend‘..??  Isn’t a friend someone who shares our values — at least to some extent?

Wake up America!!


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