Hurd Joins Lawsuit Against Speaker Pelosi, House Democrats

I joined as a plaintiff today on a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Speaker Pelosi’s change to the rules of the U.S. House. The lawsuit filed in D.C. Federal District Court challenges the constitutionality of proxy voting – a measure passed earlier this month on a party-line-vote. Hurd was vocally opposed to instituting proxy voting because it would fundamentally alter the House and allow the institution to become even more partisan.

The American people have entrusted Members of Congress with the immense duty of representing their needs and their voices. That doesn’t cease in a pandemic. In fact, it is even more important during a crisis.

Our Constitution clearly states the need for a quorum for a vote of the House and for lawmakers to be physically present. The reason is simple, so the Congress can assemble and conduct the business of the people. This clear, constitutional edict was ignored by Speaker Pelosi.

Besides failing our Constitution, proxy voting will only fuel the growth of partisanship in an already deeply-partisan environment. Without coming together to have hearings; discuss, write and amend legislation; and vote, we lose the personal interactions that help people see beyond politics.

Proxy voting cannot stand because it is unconstitutional, it is a building block for partisanship; and it fails the American people.

Currently, 72 Democrats have signed away their right to vote on behalf of their constituents. The full list of members is available here.

An overview of the filing against H. Res. 965 can be found here.


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