Investigating Biden's Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal; Honoring Those Who Served

This week, as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I held a hearing on President Biden's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan — an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

We heard from current and former service members who bravely served in Afghanistan as well as civilians who led and participated in evacuation efforts. Click to watch my Q&A with Marine Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews.

Sergeant Vargas-Andrews gave one of the most powerful and moving testimonies we've ever heard on capitol hill. He had eyes on the suicide bomber in Kabul but was told not to engage and take out the threat. When I questioned him on his experience, he testified that no one has been held accountable to this day. I'm grateful for his service, his sacrifice, and the courage it took to testify.

It's vital we hear the stories of men and women who served in Afghanistan in order to hold the administration responsible and prevent these horrors from ever happening again.


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