‘It’s time to reverse Roe and have an honest conversation about life’

Yesterday, I made remarks outside of the Supreme Court ahead of oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health.

A rough transcript of my remarks is available below. You can watch the full clip here:

What we know is at stake is whether or not the people’s right to be able to make decisions about life is going to be restored to the people through their elected representatives rather than through unelected judges and the court.

That is simply the question that is before the court right now.

The State of Mississippi enacted a 15-week limit on abortion. To put that in context, in Texas that means all but 3% of abortions would continue.

Let’s think about that. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth you’re hearing in the background out here is because of wanting to try to say that the people should be able to vote through their elected representatives to limit abortion.

We want to see the Supreme Court do the right thing and restore the decision-making power to the people so the people can decide the important matters of life.

Let’s hope the court does the right thing. It’s time to reverse Roe and have an honest conversation about life in the people’s legislative bodies across this country.


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