McCaul Announces Support for Texas CHIPS Act

U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) — author of the CHIPS for America Act — announced his support for HB 5174, the Texas CHIPS Act, which was introduced by Texas House Appropriations Chairman Greg Bonnen and is under consideration in the Texas House of Representatives.

“The CHIPS for America Act took vital steps toward boosting our domestic capacity to manufacture advanced semiconductors and reducing our reliance on foreign nations for this critical technology. I applaud Chairman Bonnen for his efforts to pass the ‘Texas CHIPS Act,’ which would put our state in the best position to benefit from the substantial federal investment in the chip industry. We have already seen tens of billions of dollars of private capital flow into Texas as a result of federal chips legislation, and the additional investment from Chairman Bonnen’s bill would amplify the benefit to the state. The history of the semiconductor industry cannot be told without Texas, and these investments will ensure our state remains an integral part of the story.”


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