Questioning the State Department About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Hillary Clinton said the use of a private email server was for her "convenience," but it was a huge inconvenience and expense for the State Department and hardworking American taxpayers. Last week, I questioned State Department officials on how we can prevent this from happening again. Next week, the House Oversight Committee will be holding two more hearings on Hillary Clinton’s email abuse. 

The first, on Monday Afternoon at 4 p.m. Central, "Classifications and Redactions in FBI’s Investigative File," will provide an opportunity for federal agencies to explain redactions, omissions and classifications in the criminal investigative file of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The next, on Tuesday at 9 a.m., "Examining Preservation of State Department Records," will examine the circumstances leading to the failure to preserve federal records during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

With an executive branch, including the Department of Justice, unwilling to pursue what seem to many to be clear violations of the law, Congress must use its oversight authority to make sure the public is aware of these abuses.

I am often asked about what can Congress do about these sorts of things. Under the Constitution, the legislative branch (Congress) makes the laws and the executive branch is charged with enforcing the laws. Historically, these matters would be referred to the Department of Justice and Attorney General (executive branch) for prosecution. In recent years, under President Obama and Attorney Generals Holder and Lynch, the executive branch has chosen not to pursue these matters. These hearings make sure those ultimately in charge of elected officials, the voters, know what’s going on.


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