Saying No to a Nuclear Iran

Last week's Iran rally on the Capitol Lawn showed how passionate Americans are about protecting our country. As the keynote speakers, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump gave great speeches explaining exactly why this deal is so bad for America, and I even ran into Glenn Beck. There were plenty of flags and signs in the crowd. My personal favorite was "What Part About Death To America Do You Not Understand!?"

Last week, when I was flying to Washington, D.C. from Texas, I was despondent. I was convinced there was no way to stop the President’s deadly nuclear deal with Iran after 42 Senators announced they would not vote to stop the deal.

Now, I feel a little, but not much hope. Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), the Freedom Caucus, and other House conservatives forced House Speaker John Boehner not to give in to President Obama. Our cause was helped when thousands, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, and others showed up for a Tea Party-sponsored rally on the Capitol Lawn.

Basically, the House plan is this:

  • H. Res. 411 states the House does not believe the President submitted all the side agreements to the deal so the 60 days for Congress to act has not started (passed 245 to 186),
  • H.R. 3461 put those supporting the deal on record so voters could decide their fate in 2016, and
  • H.R. 3460 would prohibit the President from lifting sanctions on Iran until January 2017 (Passed 247 to 186, awaiting vote in the Senate). H. Res. 411 calls into question the President's authority to lift the sanctions. This may have to play out in court, but it puts banks and businesses that may deal with Iran on notice since they may be civilly or criminally liable if the court agrees that the clock did not start and the President had no authority to lift the sanctions.

Admittedly, this is a long shot move counting on the judicial branch and plaintiff’s attorneys to stop the lifting of sanctions, but, as of now, there are not the votes in the Senate to stop the deal.

I do not understand how any American can be in favor of this deal. The President himself admits in little over a decade Iran will have, or be close to having, a nuclear weapon. What part of Iran’s regular refrain, “Death to America” do they not understand?

You can watch my floor speech on why we need to stop a nuclear Iran by clicking on the video link here.


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