Scary Movie: The Ten "Major" Democratic Candidates For President

Years ago, it was proposed that voters get a third choice in political races, none of the above. Looking at the major Democratic candidates, it would be an appropriate choice.

To those who slogged through last week's endless 3-hour debate in Houston, my condolences. The show they presented was just plain scary.

For your review, here are some of the radical leftist, out of the mainstream ideas:

  1. Put government in charge of healthcare and abolish your private insurance.
  2. "Free" health for illegals in the U.S. (remember free doesn't mean some taxpayer won't be paying for it.
  3. Amnesty to all illegals in the country and fast track citizenship.
  4. Declare war on fossil fuels.
  5. Maintain and expand the failing public schools system.
  6. Abolish the second amendment and seize guns from law-abiding citizens.
  7. Raise taxes on corporations, and "ultra-millionaires" with a net worth tax.
  8. Offer free college, free childcare and wipe out student loan debt.
  9. The Green New Deal while using climate change as an excuse, the real goal is to radically remake our economy. The 2015 Stanford study estimates the cost at $13 trillion plus. Some estimates are as high as $100 trillion. Note our current total U.S. federal spending FY 2019 is $4.53 trillion.
  10. Expand Social Security by $200 a month to be paid by guess who? Higher taxes on the rich.
  11. Nationwide housing building program and rent control.

We are exhausted with these radical big spending ideas. Note this spending and taxes fest of the Democrats takes place while spending in D.C. is out of control with our deficit estimate this year at $1.1 trillion!

And on almost every expensive radical idea, an answer to the question of how to pay for it is always to tax the wealthy.

Let's be frank, we could tax 100% of the money of the top one-tenth of one percent and still not have brought enough to fund their schemes.

The bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget led by Republican Mitch Daniels and Democrats Leon Panetta, and Tim Penny, call it a "myth" that taxing the top 1% can fix the debt problem and this was before figuring the costs of their nutty ideas. You can start with well north of $100 trillion over ten years. For a sense of scale, the projected U.S. government spending over the next 10 years is $60 trillion.




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