Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on Benghazi Committee’s Findings

The House Select Committee on Benghazi’s report confirms the disturbing pattern that has emerged over the course of the Obama administration, in which the President and his top aides approach the world through rigid, ideological blinders, seeing things as they wish them to be, not as they actually are. In this alternative universe, Putin gets a reset, the mullahs in Tehran are reliable negotiating partners, the Castros are our friends, and the four dead Americans in Benghazi are the victims of a spontaneous protest sparked by genuine outrage at a slur against Islam gone awry—because to admit publicly that they were the deliberate targets of a radical Islamic terrorist attack would be to admit that the Obama-Clinton Libya policy had failed.

Equally disturbing is the revelation in this report that the bureaucratic incompetence of the Department of State under Secretary Clinton contributed to the administration’s willful blindness, as the pleas for help from our foreign service officers in Libya were routinely ignored because not only were they the wrong message, but they were also in the wrong format. It is obviously far too easy for our government officials to ignore reports they don’t want to hear on procedural grounds. The most stunning revelation in the report is that no American military response forces were deployed until 13 hours after the attack began--long after four brave Americans had already lost their lives. It is no surprise the Administration tried so hard to cover up this deplorable dereliction of duty. Protecting the lives of innocent Americans both abroad and here at home from this vicious enemy that is trying to kill us has to be Washington’s top priority, and if the Obama administration refuses to act, I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to keep our people safe.


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