Texans Continue to Suffer Under Obamacare

One thing I continue to hear from the people I represent is how terrible and totally unworkable Obamacare is. I’ve received countless letters and phone calls from folks like Michelle from Seadrift, whose monthly cost nearly doubled from $440 a month to $820 and now she can’t afford basic coverage for her children and husband. Michelle writes, "We had to cancel our insurance because we could not afford the premiums. We were basically paying for insurance we could not even use unless a catastrophic injury took place... We do not think our health care is affordable by any means and we cannot do a thing about it."

Then there are folks like Sam from Victoria, whose $500 deductible increased to $6,000 and was kicked off his coverage because he couldn’t afford the rising costs. Jon from Aransas Pass, had to choose between housing, education, or healthcare. Jon is like many Texans who in his own words, believes that his ‘family was better off years ago without this bad insurance plan and… it should be my choice, not the Governments.’

Families like Michelle’s, Sam's, and Jon’s are one of the many reasons I am continuing to fight to repeal this terrible law. We need a healthcare system that works for patients, not big government and insurance companies. Doctors and patients are the ones that need to control healthcare decisions, not DC bureaucrats.


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