The Thomas McNutt Hypocrisy File

Thomas McNutt is campaigning to be the representative for Texas State House District 8, which spans Navarro, Freestone, Anderson, and Hill Counties. The following is a running tally of the hypocrisies McNutt has been caught contriving. 

McNutt attacks illegal immigrants as candidate, but hires illegal immigrants in his businesses

  • While Thomas McNutt (25) is using his an anti-illegal immigration message as a focal point in his campaign, The Dallas Morning News has exposed that McNutt's family business (of which Thomas is VP) actually has a history of hiring illegal immigrants and that his business does NOT participate in E-Verify.
  • McNutt claims in a campaign video that politicians in Austin refuse to address the problem of illegal immigration. However, the Quorum Report has uncovered audio of a former employee of McNutt's business, claiming he was an undocumented immigrant during his employment with McNutt's company. In the audio, he calls out Thomas McNutt for hiring him while at the same time referring to undocumented workers as criminal illegal aliens. (Full Quorum Report article here for non-subscribers.)

McNutt says he's a moral conservative, but profits off business ties to marijuana smoking headshop that targets students

  • The Quorum Report has disclosed that Thomas McNutt has a stake in a private equity group called the Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate, which promotes as part of its portfolio, “the world’s online headshop” Billowby. According to publications by the Syndicate, McNutt is tasked with the role of specifically targeting students on college campuses. Thus, while McNutt flaunts himself as a Christian Conservative, he is profiting off of selling marijuana paraphernalia targeted to students on college campus and teaching students how to roll joints and use a bong.

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