Turner Demands Answers from Top Officials on Disastrous Afghanistan Situation

Along with members of the House Armed Services Committee, I recently received testimony from Secretary of Defense Austin, General Mark A. Milley, and General McKenzie, on the ending of the U.S. military mission to Afghanistan. Following the hearing, I released the following statement:

Today, I asked Gen. McKenzie for critical information related to the August 29th failed U.S. drone strike and all intelligence related to an imminent attack on U.S. forces. Congress has a constitutional duty to conduct oversight on this tragic mistake, especially as President Biden claims to proceed with an "over-the-horizon" counterterrorism strategy. I also requested that Gen. Milley immediately send Congress all intelligence motivating his calls to Gen. Li to quell China’s concerns that a U.S. attack against them was imminent, any request to declassify this information, and the transcripts of these calls. Congress must continue to investigate these national security decisions, and I look forward to receiving answers from the Department of Defense.

 You can watch my full questioning here


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